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Comment Slashdot has gone full 'tard (Score 1) 173

It's overrun with ACs high-fiving each other. The character of this website is gone now. I don't know what happened or exactly when it happened, but this isn't the same place anymore. I've been a poster for going on 15 years and I found myself leaving for a bit a few weeks ago. I think I might be done for good now. Really sad to see what happened here. I just wish I knew where everyone else went...

Comment Re:FP? (Score 2) 173

The difference is now that there's an explicit ruling, anyone doing so can't cry about the lack of clarity. Someone would have to take the fall. Sure, cops violate personal residences without warrants all the time and probably even listen in on phone calls, but that evidence is inadmissible and grounds for getting a case thrown out and convictions overturned. I'm not naive enough to expect this ruling to be followed absolutely, but anyone who violates it knows that either they or a lackey is going down.

Comment Re:Real easy to see what's going on here... (Score 1) 346

There you go again not reading. If you pay attention to my 1st two posts the point I've been trying to make is that people like you ignore the distinction between NSA spying and leaking information on foreign intelligence ops. Every time Snowden is criticized, someone like you reverts to using NSA spying analogies as your defense of Snowden when that isn't what people we're complaining about.


Now, go back and read my original post on what we DON'T agree with.

Comment Re:Real easy to see what's going on here... (Score 1) 346

No, it's simplistic because you're choosing to ignore the leaking of information on valid intel operations overseas. And that is my ENTIRE point. If you look at Snowden selectively then ignore the reasons people criticize him, then yes every one who speaks ill of Snowden starts to look like a villain.

Comment Re:Real easy to see what's going on here... (Score 0) 346

Your analogy is simplistic. I am all for Snowden leaking information on the NSA's illegal activities. I am totally against all of the superfluous information he dumped on the public about US intelligence operations abroad. He is far more Brenda Manning (or whatever his name is now) than Danny Ellsberg. People such as yourself dumb the entire debate down to "is he a whistleblower or isn't he?".

The reasons people such as myself are so pissed off at Snowden aren't that we're defenders of the NSA as your simplistic argument claims. We're pissed off because he vastly exceeded the actions of a whistleblower and drove deep into the realm of espionage against the US. Now, we're seeing that he's actively working WITH foreign intelligence services. You think he's working at a Moscow McDonalds?

Comment Re:Ha! (Score 2) 272

We don't need a revolution. Things are the way they are because the American people don't give a shit. Polls prove it. The public accepts the "if you're not doing anything wrong then what do you have to hide?" mentality. These are the same people who broadcast their daily irrelevant activities on Facebook. You think they really care about the government *maybe* reading what any yahoo could find following their twitter account?

As soon as any politician starts hearing people screaming into his answering machine all day or yelling at him every time he's in public, and they start thinking they might not get reelected, that's when change happens.

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