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Comment The Founding Fathers, natural born citizens (Score 1) 805

The Founding Fathers insistence on the president being a “natural born citizens” was based on a fear that foreigners may be disloyal.

Aiming to have more leaders (in government and companies) that are natural born citizens to maintain "civic society" loyal to the country is not necessarily unreasonable.

Comment pretty cool movie (Score 1) 91

you can find previews on youtube. It's just some guy playing minecraft, and just talking. The person just needs to be a few years older than the target teenage audience to have to right level of language cool factor. ... or ...

the alternative movie is a legos movie, substituting lego blocks with minecraft blockiness.

Especially cool would be combining lego blocks morphed to minecraft blockiness and some-guy-talking. This is sure to be an instant hit, and a worthy competitor to Star Wars.

Comment the right way... (Score 1) 530

"Every gasoline car on the road has a subsidy, and the right way to address that is with a carbon tax. Politicians take the easy path of providing subsidies to electric vehicles, which aren't equal to the applied subsidies of gasoline vehicles. It weakens the economic forcing function to transition to sustainable transport and energy."

The "right way" is to eliminate all the subsidies, then only have taxes based on the known effect on the environment, based on current scientific understanding.
Note that all known energy sources come with some cost to the environment. Gasoline, Diesel, Coal, Solar (from panel manufacturing), Wind (manufacturing), Nuclear, Electric/Battery (Battery rare materials, energy source (Coal, Nuclear, Solar ?). Though I am not sure we would get the answer we think we want.

While we are on subsidies, what about the roads themselves? If we reduced the public money spent on roads, perhaps other forms of transportation could compete (trains, high speed trains, PRT, autonomous-only-roads, bicycles/bikeways, walking (walkable cities), none (telecommute)). The place where the taxes are focus is the world we are creating. Currently, the US seems to like roads a lot. Other countries like trains and high speed trains. Though there are more possibilities than just cars and trains.

Comment Re:Switching (Score 2) 147

> 3) Do either of them save as .DOCX or .DOC, since that seems to be what most employers and recruiters insist on sending/receiving?

Since you mentioned employers/recruiters, I assume you are talking about a resume?

If so, use PDF for resumes. Sending resume as and .doc/.docx is not professional.


Comment government organizations to dissolve (Score 0) 317

The United States could safely eject several organizations which do not represent the interests the general public:

Department of Agriculture
Chamber of Commerce
Department of Justice

and probably several more

will never happen.
Instead we will nominate more czar's of random things, then that person turns into a department ... That's how we grow government, and no party has real desire to reverse it.

Comment Re:not the only coutry (Score 4, Informative) 236

> Base 12 is arbitrary

Not really.

It is chosen because it is divisible by 1,2,3 and 4.

You want also divisible by 5. 60. There are reasons why 12 and 60 have been common for time and measurements. So you can describe fractions of something without fractions (or decimal).

10, on the other hand, is less interesting, except that you can count to ten easily on your fingers. (The reason why it was chosen).

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