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Submission + - SPAM: Becoming a mentor for young teenagers. Where do I start?

Gob Gob writes: I have been asked by a client & friend of mine to help his 14 year old child to learn about "computers" in the workplace and help him decide if IT is a career for him. I am compelled to do so because for a short while of my career I had a mentor of sorts and it helped me take an interest and develop a career out of it.

The child is described as "good with computers" and genuinely interested in IT as a career. My initial thoughts are to make a basic assessment of where their skills are at, identify the the career choices that suit their interests and then plot a critical path between where they are now and what they have to do next.

I am mindful about delivering the most positive experience for the child vs my available time. What have you done that is similar? What are the pitfalls? Are there any resource that you can recommend? Have you been mentored and what was your assessment of the process / benefit?

Submission + - Well behaved ads are not an issue (

Gob Gob writes:

Well behaved ads are not an issue

In a recent /. story there were many comments that there is an acceptable level of adverts on a web site as long as they are "well behaved". Adverts by their very design are attempting to interrupt the visitor and gain their attention over the page content itself.

So what is the number? What is the format? 1 static advert per 800x600px? Is there a formula that would balance the commercial aspects vs visitors preferences?

Submission + - Australian Prime Minister Thinks Kids Should Not Code ( 4

Gob Gob writes: The Prime Minister of Australia has come out and ridiculed an opposition policy aimed at denying teaching kids to code:

'the Prime Minister said. "He said that he wants primary school kids to be taught coding so they can get the jobs of the future. Does he want to send them all out to work at the age of 11? Is that what he wants to do? Seriously?"

Arguably software development practices can be better group educational tools than maths, literacy and art as a software project can draw on coders, artists, organisers and others with different interests and backgrounds. Is teaching coding and technology from a young age an enabler for your community or should it be discouraged until the twilight years of schooling / collage?


Submission + - How to grow a one man start up?

Gob Gob writes: I've developed a web based recruitment system that I have sold to a handful of clients. I support it from end to end from software development, to help desk to sales. Now I have taken on a few new clients who are more demanding in terms of support. I'm one the cusp of taking it from a lifestyle business to needing to get serious about taking on a few people to run the business.

Being a start up cash is short and so is time. I am tempted to get a sales person and leave me to code but worried that no one can sell the product as well as I can. Alternately I was looking to make relationships with people with similar businesses so that we could pool support and cover for each other.

How did you grow a one man start up into an empire? Where do you put the budget sales, development or support? What are the risks?

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