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The Courts

Submission + - Comcast vs FCC, courts ruling on net Neutrality? (

Globally Mobile writes: No decision has been made yet, but, if Friday's arguments before the U.S. Court of Appeals in DC are any indication, it doesn't appear that the FCC will prevail in exerting its authority over Comcast. Losing this battle may be just what the FCC needs to move forward with its efforts to formalize net neutrality guidelines.
Comcast v. FCC The case before the court is an appeal from Comcast related to sanctions imposed on it by the FCC for discriminating against peer-to-peer networking file traffic in an effort to throttle bandwidth demand on its broadband network. Comcast's challenge claims the FCC has no such authority.
Where do you think this case is going? Who knows, the slashdot effect could have political ramifications, it certainly has other serious effects on other matters...

Comment Re:What's the value of an unlocked US cellphone? (Score 2, Insightful) 185

Is there something I don't understand? I don't think unlocking a US cellphone has any additional value than an unlocked US cellphone. The phone's most value is on its original network and it's almost worthless on any other network.

Why would you think that? How is a phone worthless on another network? Do you even understand what unlocking is?

Here in the UK, lots of little shops offer to unlock your phone. And people pay for it, because its worth moneys to have an unlocked phone.

Comment Re:I Just Did... (Score 1) 185

When we can get VOIP over 3G on an open smartphone, current providers that milk their customers dry are going to shrivel like the wicked witch of the West in a torrential downpour. I'm not surprised they were upset that Google gamed the spectrum auction.

I would rather have Google for my phone company, but if they can get me what I want without spending money, more power to them. What I want is progress.

Comment Re:Monopoly or not. (Score 1) 439

And you should also read the book US vs MS - the rules are literally different for a monopoly leveraging its position to gain market share - eg, an OS monopoly being used to gain and maintain a browser monopoly.

The statement is not at all false, let alone "totally".

Comment Re:Swordfish (Score 1) 127

was there supposed to be a question here?

oh wow. Yeah, there was. And it had to do with this new computer. And I failed. Epic. Brain. Fart.

What I was trying to ask was a bit of a wandering thought, so I don't even know if it needs to be repeated. But I am always up for answering questions I know the answer to, so here goes... I wanted to say... Why dos this piece of tech-hardware remind me of the computer/monitor setup in that cheesy (though who doesn't love cheese cept those that are lactose intolerant, and maybe a few anti-cheeseheads... [Though I doubt they exsist])yet fun/silly holowood flick Swordfish. (What with it's multi-GPU's, I am assuming (another good way to make an arse out myself, woot) it can run that many screens, and pump-crunch through the needs of the program in record time.

Also just was a bit in awe of the tech-specs I saw, and was drooling, so I had to let it out, somewhere.
Wow that was a rambling... *crawls back under his warm lizard-style hovel, and hides*

Comment Re:The problem with an OLED e-reader is the E. (Score 1) 118

Well, there is also the need for light in some places hungering for the lumen of even a few candlepower... Better overhaul then expecting them to continue adding to the emissions through other forms of more deadly illumination... .. . Some people use their screens to look @for keys n/ such. .. ...

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