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Journal Journal: Paranoia

Call me paranoid, but how many people believe that somebody is watchiing our computers as we use them? I mean, ever heard of remote desktop? In this age of technology, I am always wondering whether or not my emails are being read as I write them or my movies are being watched as I watch them. Am I the only one feeling like this?
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Journal Journal: LOTR Movies 2

When I first heard about New Line making the LOTR into movies, I was a bit skeptical. I am not a fan of books being turned into movies. The filmakers often leave things out and ruin the image of the characters in my mind. Because of this, I did not see the Fellowship in theaters. I would not let corporate America ruin my idea of Legolas. However, a few months later, a friend rented the movie on DVD. I did not know what he had rented and thought is seemed pretty good. After a few minutes, to my horror, I realized what we were watching. I was stunned by the job they had done. The acting was first rate and the graphics spectacular. I realized that if a movie is done well, it doesn't have to spoil the book. New Line did a great job of filiming a man's works that could never be as good as the books. I did miss being able to see Tom Bombadil, but they managed to fit everything "important" in. The other two were just as good, if not better. Thumbs up New Line, you've really brought a classic to life, even if nothing can compare to the books. Tolkien was not just a writer, he was a dreamer and a first class nerd. All hail J.R.R. Tolkien.

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Journal Journal: So this is /. this is the great /. I must admit, I am impressed. I am not quite as knowledgeable on topics such as this site, but I will explore and learn. Much of this does not make sense to me. Must mean I am not quite as nerdy as I thought, how depressing. My nerddom must be improved. Nerds run the world. If they stopped working for just an hour, earth would cease to rotate. -Gilgamesher

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