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Comment Re:This isn't news. (Score 1) 804

So the fact that parent can not dictate there child's food intake isn't a big deal? and the child got a week of trouble?

Morons can send their children to school unvaccinated, but have a jolly rancher? punishment for a week.

"The state, however, gives each school discretion over how to enforce the policy."

yeah, this school principle is a fuck twad. He could of just taken the candy.

This isn't about correcting behavior, this is about a tiny dick of a man being a fuck twad and going way overboard with some stupid concept of punishment.

Comment Re:First Post (Score 1) 599

A) Have sex and get a woman pregnant (or get pregnant if you are a woman); possibly get or transfer an STI
B) Not have sex and not worry about any of the above

C) Use a miraculous device called a Condom and enjoy great sex without worrying about anything.

Comment Re:right (Score 1) 204

"they also ignore that most stock is fed on waste products making it a very efficent industry. not a single bit of an animal is wasted either. That is totally nonsensical."

using 100% of the animal and feeding it on material that otherwise is wasted makes perfect sense. The question is why can't you understand such a simple concept?

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