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The Internet

Submission + - Wikipedia blocks from editing 1

thefickler writes: Known for having a media director that obsessively stalks critics,'s IP address range has now been banned from editing on Wikipedia. Longtime Wikipedia staffer, David Gerard, posted this on the Administrators' Noticeboard Tuesday afternoon: "I've just blocked, which is an IP range (a) owned by (b) widely used by them for spamming, COI editing and attempted intimidation of administrators dealing with them. I strongly suggest against unblocking this range under any circumstances"

Submission + - Hackers using YouTube to spread latest Trojan

thefickler writes: Social engineering attacks are showing a strong rise this Summer. The latest trick is manipulating YouTube users to infect their PCs with a Trojan known as the Fake Codec. For most media, a certain codec is required to encode and decode a digital stream such as audio or video. When a user tries to view a video that requires a specific codec, they'll usually get the message, "Codec not found" or "The proper codec to play this media is not installed." Some sites will usually direct you to another website to download the codec; however, an increasing trend in late August is for hackers to direct users to download a fake codec, which will in turn install malicious software on the user's machine.

Submission + - Northrup Grumman Buys Scaled Composites

Sam Allen writes: It appears that Scaled Composites' new SpaceShipTwo design is so well regarded by Northrop Grumman that it decided to buy 100 percent of the company. Does this mean that Northrop Grumman will put more capital behind the venture to make public space flight happen sooner, or is it merely performing a CYA maneuveur? Burt Rutan has a vision and I doubt that he would sell out unless it would make that vision happen quicker.

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