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Submission + - Internet users may be ruining our culture (

walter42b writes: "Stop the Monkeys! A recurring rant on my blog is my huffing about the "dumbing down of America" — a downward spiral in our culture caused by an educational system that graduates students who can't solve simple math problems, can't write a decent sentence and who can't comprehend what they read unless it's written in 4th-grade English. This may sound like nothing more than intellectual snobbery, but the truth is that the corrosive effects of this "dumbing down" now permeate our everyday life and work. Poor grammar and misspelling in newspapers, magazines and on television. "Song" lyrics that range from vulgar to pornographic. Books, magazines, movies and television shows that celebrate the lowest common denominators of our society. And most tragically, America's declining role as world leader in science, technology and literature. Now comes a broadside against the culturally and economically damaging effects of the Internet on our lives. "The monkeys are taking over the show," says Andrew Keen in his new book, The Cult of the Amateur . His simian allusion is to 19th century biologist T. H. Huxley's "infinite monkey theorem." Huxley theorized that if infinite monkeys were equipped with infinite typewriters, eventually some of them would write masterpieces comparable to those of Shakespeare, Plato and Adam Smith."

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