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Journal Journal: what /.ers do when they don't know the answer....

This topic is an interesting example of poor adaptive techniques::we don't know the answer, but we think that you are crazy.

The posters, as of this journal, are essentially providing advice about how to treat allergies. Some of them even suggest that the submitter may be suffering from some sort of mental illness--some are even using rather crude names (not a huge surprise, really). But as of this journal, no one has made a single serious attempt to answer the question that was actually asked.

I think that we are seeing an interesting reaction of technophiles who are used to knowing the answers when faced with a question they don't have an answer for immediately--bash the asker.

I am enlightened to the nature of the posters, and saddened by the experience.

(NOTE:: I will say that some of the points made are indeed valid--if smells bother you so much, medical help is the first place to start, not expensive computer parts. That said, I wish I knew something to help you).

Journal Journal: First Freak!

Woohoo! I got my first freak!

Actually, this may have been the case for a while, but you know how it is.

As a consequence, I am now adding my first journal, since it gives me really neat idea--someone should map all the relationships between people here on /. It would require the assistance of the editors, but it would be cool.

Maybe I will work on that in my spare time, but I think a setup like TouchGraph has would be uber cool (but I don't do java, so some one else will need to do that).

Over and out.

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