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Submission + - Suing Open Source Users for "Dirty" Conten

Michael Kellerman writes: A Texas family is suing Virgin Mobile for using a picture of their daughter (found on Flickr and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution "open source" license) in an ad campaign in Australia. Virgin Mobile complies with the letter of the Creative Commons license, but the family claims that because it wasn't explicitly asked it was a violation of privacy and traumitizing experience. The problem: the photo was licensed as open source, yet the family is suing the users (Virgin Mobile) of open source materials instead of the people (wrongly?) releasing it as such (the photographer). NeoSmart Technologies has a legal analysis on the impact a court ruling could have on the future of open source and particularly an open-source users' legal liability for using material that might not be legit open source content.
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Journal Journal: debians ufs read capability broken???

Update: an attempt to FSCK the drive brought her to her knees, and shes now officially RIP. so most likely the HD was on its last legs, and nautilus picked the wrong time to try a nonsequential read on her...

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