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Comment Re:Why does this need a patent (Score 2) 22

You didn't read even the blurb, there? It's not traditional product-placement: they scour through people's snapchat-pictures and if they can identify some products there they may offer the users money in return to being allowed to use them for advertising. In traditional product-placement the deal is made before the picture is taken, but here Snapchat is trying to find suitable material after the fact.

Granted, it's still a silly patent and all, if it passes.

Comment Re:Odd... (Score 1) 115

It's also what worries me. I am still using an LG G2 and I have been more-or-less planning on buying the next Nexus-phone that comes out if it has OIS and it having stock Android is the one, major reason why I was planning on going with a Nexus in the first place -- if Google is going to start adding shovelware/"enhancements" to Nexuses it'll immediately make them a lot less compelling a purchase for me.

Comment Re:You have to know how to secure a Windows 10 PC (Score 4, Informative) 982

Find and change the default privacy/security setting and use a firewall to block all the outbound "telemetry" and you'll be fine.

In terms of performance, Microsoft definitely made improvements "under the hood". However, there are still a lot of things to dislike. The UI is horrendously ugly, lots of changes just for the sake of making things different and Windows 10 is still very buggy.

OOSU10 ( ) allows you to disable telemetry and all such stuff just by simply clicking on the corresponding entry, much easier than fiddling with firewalls or such.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 5, Insightful) 924

"screen" will work exactly as it always have, even with the new defaults.

Except that the way you describe is not the way that screen has always worked. Instead of the straightforward invocation screen on the command line, now it has to be prefixed with all kinds of systemd-specific stuff that wasn't there before.

Its functionality is the same. Really, just use an alias if typing is hard for you to do. Or even better. Start screen automatically at boot by running it as a .service. See the Arch wiki for how.

Seriously? "Jump through extra hoops and it'll work like it always did?" If you have to jump through such stupid extra hoops then it fucking doesn't work like it always did! Being able to run stuff in the background has been around for decades and it's one of those things that I make heavy use of and there is already a perfectly good, valid API and everything for that -- I haven't jumped on the systemd hate-train before, but a change like this for zero fucking good reason is pushing me over the edge, too.

Comment Re:I would care... (Score 1) 96

e-ink found its way into a $30 cell phone in 2006 (motofone f3), and the screen on the first pebble watch is estimated at $1.69.
The tech is cheap. It is just that no one bothered making one for Arduinos at a reasonable price.

I don't consider either of those "reasonably-sized." You can get e-ink displays for Arduinos and the likes at similar size for about 25€, but personally, I'm looking for 8" or bigger ones for more permanent installations.

Comment Re:"switch to Windows, that's where the apps are". (Score 1) 268

Ok, fine, I switched to Ubuntu MATE and within 5 minutes of adding the nVidia PPA for the latest drivers the system crashed and wouldn't boot anymore due to kernel/nvidia driver issues.

Why did you need to use a PPA for that? The drivers are already in Ubuntu's repos and while I can't say about the Mate-version at least in the Unity-version you just clicky-clicky a few times through the settings-app's "Additional drivers" or whatever its name was to download and turn them on.

Comment MQTT + OpenWRT-router/some other server (Score 4, Insightful) 183

I can't say about using proprietary, premade devices like Nest, but if you're willing to use Arduinos/ESP8266/whatnot and do a bit of programming you can use an OpenWRT-based router to run an MQTT-broker, or you can use a separate device like e.g. a Raspberry Pi for that and then Arduino/ESP8266/whatever for toggling of relays or logging power-consumption or temperatures or whatever you want automated. You don't actually have to connect any of the stuff to the Internet at all, or you can use an MQTT-client over an SSH-tunnel, or write your own front-end using Apache2 and PHP or a billion different other ways if you want it reachable from the Internet, too -- you have full control over what can and what can't be done over the Internet or if any of it can be accessed from the Internet at all.

This is, however, obviously the hard, DIY way of doing it. If you want an easy plug-and-pray system I have no idea if there even exists anything that doesn't share your stuff with 3rd parties. I, not-so-surprisingly, am in favour of the hard way that doesn't share everything with random, greedy 3rd-parties.

Comment Re:Sense of humour (Score 1) 83

The obvious question was, wait a minute, how do you know what they *never* show unless you're up every night at 2AM watching their porn?

Are you just stupid or are you having a particularly bad day or something? There are fucking plenty of opportunities to see their marketing-stuff without ever visiting their website, and their marketing-stuff is obviously not the same thing as the porn-videos themselves on the website. Your comparison just doesn't fly, I wasn't speaking about Pornhub's actual content, I was talking about their marketing-stuff -- two entirely different things.

Comment Sense of humour (Score 3, Insightful) 83

I love Pornhub-folks' sense of humour: they often have hilarious and creative ad-campaigns and posters and whatnot and they seemingly fully condone of the various silly shenanigans the community decides to randomly whip up. I have no need for Pornhub's content myself, but I do like their attitude and I wish more companies were as creative and funny with their marketing -- at least Pornhub's stuff nearly always gets a hearty chuckle out of me, instead of making me go all frownyface and groaning out loud in annoyance like most advertising does!

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