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Comment Re:again (Score 1) 43

Indeed, this isn't anything new and all sorts of conductive inks have been around for a good while. You can even modify an inkjet-printer to print with conductive ink, or you can use conductive filament on a 3D-printer. The problem has always been the high resistance and I do not see anything in the article indicating that they'd have solved this.

Comment Re:Poor business (Score 1) 395

Staring at the score a single reviewer gives is, IMHO, stupid, but taking a look at what thousands of people think gives a much better image of what it's actually like. On Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB and the likes I always look at the user-score, not the critic-score, and pretty often the user-score more-or-less matches with my opinion.

Comment Re:Speak password out loud? (Score 2) 54

They meant "mouthing the password," it's just poorly worded. There's e.g. the excerpt of "Third, lip passwords don't rely on speech recognition, meaning they can be used in noisy environments." in the article, which obviously wouldn't work if you had to actually say the password out loud -- the background noise would just drown you out. The system just relies on lip shape and mouth movement, not actually hearing anything.

Comment What's the point? (Score 4, Informative) 55

The official Orange Pi - images are total fucking crapshoot, being so bad they make even your mum's cameltoe look appealing in comparison! It's not the availability of apps that is the problem, it's the support for the boards and all of their features, including Mali-drivers, or the closed, undocumented WiFi-chips, and so on that is the problem! Xunlong ain't doing shit to help get drivers mainlined in the kernel, they just produce a shitty image that barely boots and then hope the community will do all the hard work for them.

So, what's the point with these "snaps?" How do they make the situation any better? Oh, they don't? Weeellll...

Comment Re:Consumer router options (Score 2) 46

So when will we be able to have consumer grade routers that keep selected crwp devices on a separate network and generally restricted access? Is this possible with Tomato or an OSS firmware, either manually or automagically?

You can create separate networks for them, or just add a firewall-rule for not allowing this or that MAC-address access to the Internet, and if you use UPnP you can either whitelist the devices you want to be able to use UPnP or you can blacklist the devices you don't want to be able to do that, and myriads of other ways of restricting things with either OpenWRT or LEDE.

Comment Re:keepass (Score 1) 415

I vote for Keepass, too. It's great for what it is. I also have a system set up to sync the Keepass-database between my devices and to keep backups of the database, so that if the database got corrupted, I could revert to an earlier backup. This way I always have a working copy somewhere.

Comment Nuclear holocaust, on the Internet (Score 1) 96

26 to disrupt continued unauthorized activity against the victim’s own network

Way too vague, neither "disrupt" or "continued unauthorized activity" not defined; this'd very quickly result in these so-called victims in just using DDoS against anyone who they disagree with, with the claim that they're "hacking, " and then everyone loses when everything gets slowed down to a crawl. Great. Oh, as these things tend to go, the law would only be applied to large corporations or rich people -- if an individual, not-very-rich person or a small company tried to do any sort of "active defense" they'd get hefty fines and possibly even jail-time for illegal activity! You know, "computer crimes."

Comment Mid-range phone with stock Android (Score 1) 55

I don't give a flying fuck about all these gimmicks the top-end phones push, what with fingerprint-sensors on every surface, 8K displays, 128TB RAM and 256PB storage, not to mention with "premium" materials, like e.g. slippery, ugly glass-backs or aluminum-backs that get scratched easily and that affect signal-quality -- I just want a mid-end phone with stock Android and a plastic, soft-touch back, that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Does anyone sell such? Nope, no stock Android on anything but these ridiculously expensive Pixels that are nowhere near worth the asking-price.

Comment Re:It's about time (Score 2) 62

I can't say anything about their phones, but I've got a tablet of theirs; it's about two years old now and I've only received a *single* update to it during all this time. I also haven't received a single reply to any of my inquiries to me as to if/when my tablet will ever receive anything -- I've only received a confirmation about the ticket having been opened, but never any reply at all.

I cannot claim to have any sort of positive image of Huawei.

Comment Re:More interested in the quality of the images (Score 1) 86

You could, you know, go to the linked article and watch the videos. That is, if you wanted to know what the quality of the images was like.

Watching video that has been carefully-selected and adjusted by the marketing-department to give as positive an impression as possible doesn't actually tell much of anything about the actual quality.

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