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Comment Re:well, that's a few questions: (Score 1) 435

Were there too few 3D films and 3D TV stations available to watch (aka "The Content Problem")?
- No, because nobody cared about the 'feature'

Eh. I do like the feature, I would like to have 3D in more stuff, except for one thing: the glasses. I already have to wear glasses just to see anything and then having to slap a second set of ugly, uncomfortable glasses on top of those is the biggest thing with stopping me from using stereo-3D.

Comment Re:I don't see why they would change (Score 5, Insightful) 268

What exactly does Consumer Reports have to lose by a re-test?

Time. If they start giving some companies special attention, then everyone else will start demanding that, too. If, on the other hand, they stick to the "We give you one chance and that's that" they can actually get a lot more work done.

Comment Re:REALLY? (Score 1) 42

It's not supported by a crane, because it's not even real. The video is fake. Just pause the video right at the beginning and you'll see this magical white, oval shape flying in the air above the robot and in front of the cables, like it's supposed to be a part of one of the ceiling-lights and someone deleted the ceiling-light from the 3D-scene before rendering the video, but forgot to also remove its light-source.

Comment Still no NVENC-support :( (Score 1) 143

Handbrake would be great otherwise, but the lack of support for NVENC really upsets me. I've been biding my time and hoping they'd change their minds about it, but that doesn't seem to be happening :(

I have a Xeon CPU, so no Intel QuickSync, and it's Haswell, so it wouldn't have HEVC-support for QSV anyways. I haven't found a single good video-transcoding and/or editing app that is both free or cheap and that does NVENC. MediaCoder is the closest to what I've found, but at $189 it just is a no-go for me.

Comment "game developers are excited" (Score 1) 37

I fail to see why game-devs would be excited about this. There is already DirectSound 3D, which can produce surround-sound and it doesn't require any sort of specific, specialized and expensive hardware, like Atmos does. How many people have 5.1 surround-setups, and how many can be expected to have an Atmos-compatible setup? I'd wager the latter group is a very miniscule number when compared to basic 5.1 setups, so where's the value-proposition for devs to spend time and money on Atmos-compatibility in their games?

Comment Re:still forced to use amazon device or PC to view (Score 3, Insightful) 65

The OP's point about Amazon not allowing it on Android TV-devices stands, though. I have an NVIDIA Shield TV myself and Amazon won't allow their app on it, which makes the whole Amazon Video - thing entirely worthless for me; if I'm going to watch movies or TV-shows, it's going to be on the big screen, but I'm certainly not going to buy a whole separate device just for Amazon Video. They're only hurting themselves with their idiotic lock-in, if I can only use their services on their hardware, or everyone else's services on any hardware, then the choice is pretty damn obvious.

Comment Re:ebooks are free, google it followed by pdf (Score 1) 47

I actually do buy ebooks every now and then. Perhaps it's silly, but there are plenty of books out there that do seem worth shelling some money over in the hopes of encouraging more work on them, like e.g. Mastering STM32 on Leanpub ( ). I don't feel like I threw my money down the drain when I bought it.

Comment Re:how's the software? (Score 4, Informative) 106

What they don't tell you is how the software is. Is it up to date, or does it still run Linux 3.x? What Linux distros does it run? Can you run stock Ubuntu, or do you need some guy's custom build that's two years old and you can't apt-get upgrade?

I echo your sentiment. I love the idea of ARM SBCs and all, but the software-stack generally ranges from awful to I-wanna-gouge-my-eyes-out-in-frustration. I am personally aware of only the Raspberry Pis and C.H.I.P. running a modern, 4.4-series kernel. The H3-based Orange Pis are getting better, I can actually boot a mainline 4.9-series kernel on my OPi PC, but there's still a whole lot of work for the devs to do and no Mali-support is forthcoming.

My specific beef: It looks like the VoCore2 rans OpenWrt. Which version? Custom build that's updated every six months?

It runs a custom-version of Chaos Calmer. I have zero idea if they're planning to try and introduce their code upstream, though.

Comment Re:Never again. (Score 3, Insightful) 210

Not necessarily. On the PCB there is a controller whose contacts eventually come loose and that is the fault here. The OP says he and his wife are both heavy users of their respective phones, which could indicate that the phones go through a lot of contraction - and expansion - cycles due to heating up and cooling down, thus likely hastening the process of those contacts coming loose. A user who doesn't use their phone that much also won't see the issue that quickly.

I've experienced similar issues myself several times, like e.g. the tablet I have got replaced by the manufacturer after its WiFi-chipset lost contacts due to the tablet heating; the tablet had worked great for half a year or so, but I got the Android-version of X-Com and played it quite a lot, then during the middle of one play-session the tablet lost WiFi-connection. After rebooting the tablet WiFi was gone, the system couldn't find WiFi-hardware at all. And these old laptops I have: one of them had a loose connection to the display and one of them had the connections from the GPU to the PCB loose -- both fixed with a bit of a heat-gun applied at the right spot to reflow the solder.

Comment Voice recognition? (Score 1) 55

The article talks about speech recognition, not voice recognition. EditorDavid has the two concepts mixed up: speech recognition is all about trying to recognized what you are saying, whereas voice recognition is all about recognizing specific voice, like e.g. for reasons of identifying who is speaking.

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