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Comment Idiocy (Score 2) 199

ISPs wouldn't go with this simply because it'd require quite a lot of extra work on their end to make this happen for zero gain to them, and everyone knows ISPs do traffic-shaping for their own benefit, not for their customers' benefit. Also, end-users would just tag *everything* as to be prioritized, because they obviously don't want any of their traffic to be slowed down, so what would be the point? Besides, how the fuck would you even implement this for something that doesn't use a web-browser? Ask the ISP to list every possible network-protocol ever invented and all the ones still waiting to be invented, so you can click on them? That'd be one ginormous list to go through.

Also, I have to take offense at the whole "But treating all traffic the same isn't necessarily the best way to protect users." -- works fucking well over here in Finland, but then again, our ISPs aren't nearly as obsessed with overselling capacity. Maybe fix ISPs overselling their capacity, instead of trying to come up with workarounds that only harm end-users!

Comment Open standards? (Score 2) 134

Raspberry Pis and most other hobbyist-SBCs are based around various ARM SoCs, but as a whole the big picture is horribly fragmented, with this board having slightly different bootup-sequence than that board, requiring board-specific steps in software, and this board having totally closed GPU and video-engine software and that board having some parts of them open, and this board supporting VDPAU or such for video-decoding and that board using OMX, cameras being only useable with specific boards, even though they share the exact same CSI-connector and so on -- how high do you value the idea of standardizing some of these things, and do you believe there will be any progress worth mentioning in the next 10 or 20 years?

Personally, I'm feeling quite apathetic about it all. I can't foresee manufacturers being willing to work together for a standard, let alone one that'd be open and freely accessible to hobbyists, and I believe that especially all the GPU and video-engine stuff will be kept under lock and key indefinitely. Part of the problem is that pretty much all of these SBCs are built around tablet-SoCs, with no SoCs specifically designed for hobbyist-use and SBCs.

Comment Re:what a loser (Score 1) 503

You're confusing hibernation with sleep, they are not the same thing. Hibernation saves RAM's contents to disk, then powers off, whereas sleep keeps power running to the CPU and RAM so as not to lose RAM's contents. That is to say: yes, your computer is powered-off when it's hibernated, and I do not see any lies in there. Also, when you reboot Windows it can't do its hybrid-hibernation, and yet it still boots just as fast on my PC -- the hybrid-hibernation is useful when booting from traditional mechanical storage where seek-times are horrendous, but the benefits from it quickly diminish on a modern system with solid-state storage.

Comment Re:what a loser (Score 1) 503

ever heard of "sleep mode"? it's been around for decades. The only time you actually need to "boot up" is after a software update, and that is SLOW on Windows 10.

It consumes less power when powered-off than when in sleep. Besides, as it takes only about 6 seconds to boot on my PC I haven't even managed to sit down before it's up and running, making using sleep redundant.

by "modern gaming" you mean "lock yourself in a room"

my idea of "modern gaming" involves getting nekkid with my spouse, you can have your lonely life

Whatever floats your boat. I prefer gaming.

Comment Double-edged sword (Score 1) 503

I am liking Windows 10 in general as it is a rather lean and quick Windows-version, boots real quick and all. I also like having DX12 for when games start to come out that support it. There just isn't a better OS for someone who enjoys modern gaming.

Alas, I seriously despise Microsoft's way of pushing the free upgrade and how many people it has caused nothing but trouble and even financial losses. I am also disliking the constant push for ever more stalking of people's activities, lying about Edge being so much more superior in battery-life and whatnot than insert-competing-browser, and whatever crap else Microsoft is pulling.

Comment Re:Waste of effort (Score 2) 100

I've literally never seen a person talk on their phone in the theatre. That's the kind of behaviour that would get your ass kicked out... Is it an American thing?

Probably, yes. People do text on their phones a lot these days, probably a lot more than talking on them.

It's certainly not a thing over here. People do turn their phones off or silent and they don't play with them during movies.

Reserved seating? You're kidding, right? I've never, ever, ever, ever seen a theater like that in my many decades of theater-going.

Most theaters over here do reserved seating. As long as you buy the tickets a couple of hours or days ahead of time you can choose what seat(s) you wish to occupy.

Comment Re:Why does this need a patent (Score 2) 22

You didn't read even the blurb, there? It's not traditional product-placement: they scour through people's snapchat-pictures and if they can identify some products there they may offer the users money in return to being allowed to use them for advertising. In traditional product-placement the deal is made before the picture is taken, but here Snapchat is trying to find suitable material after the fact.

Granted, it's still a silly patent and all, if it passes.

Comment Re:Odd... (Score 1) 115

It's also what worries me. I am still using an LG G2 and I have been more-or-less planning on buying the next Nexus-phone that comes out if it has OIS and it having stock Android is the one, major reason why I was planning on going with a Nexus in the first place -- if Google is going to start adding shovelware/"enhancements" to Nexuses it'll immediately make them a lot less compelling a purchase for me.

Comment Re:You have to know how to secure a Windows 10 PC (Score 4, Informative) 982

Find and change the default privacy/security setting and use a firewall to block all the outbound "telemetry" and you'll be fine.

In terms of performance, Microsoft definitely made improvements "under the hood". However, there are still a lot of things to dislike. The UI is horrendously ugly, lots of changes just for the sake of making things different and Windows 10 is still very buggy.

OOSU10 ( ) allows you to disable telemetry and all such stuff just by simply clicking on the corresponding entry, much easier than fiddling with firewalls or such.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 5, Insightful) 924

"screen" will work exactly as it always have, even with the new defaults.

Except that the way you describe is not the way that screen has always worked. Instead of the straightforward invocation screen on the command line, now it has to be prefixed with all kinds of systemd-specific stuff that wasn't there before.

Its functionality is the same. Really, just use an alias if typing is hard for you to do. Or even better. Start screen automatically at boot by running it as a .service. See the Arch wiki for how.

Seriously? "Jump through extra hoops and it'll work like it always did?" If you have to jump through such stupid extra hoops then it fucking doesn't work like it always did! Being able to run stuff in the background has been around for decades and it's one of those things that I make heavy use of and there is already a perfectly good, valid API and everything for that -- I haven't jumped on the systemd hate-train before, but a change like this for zero fucking good reason is pushing me over the edge, too.

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