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Comment Re:guess again (Score 2) 66

Diseases can never be eliminated with non-mandatory vaccines -- you can't reach 95% that way, it's hard enough to with mandatory vaccines. And of course without that group immunity the people who really can't use the vaccine due to an allergy are left unprotected. If you're against mandatory vaccines, you're bad for other people.

Comment Re:I'll believe this when the South pole is coloni (Score 1) 457

Actually there are no penguins anywhere near the south pole, nor any fish -- those are thousands of miles away at the coast. But the main problem is, as you say, that nobody wants to settle there. There's just nothing "cool" about the south pole to anyone but a few scientists. People do want to go to Mars, so despite the much harsher conditions, the chances for settling Mars are somewhat better.

Comment Re:Human missions = funding (Score 1) 112

The beauty of SpaceX engines is how adaptable they are. If you only want an extremely light payload to orbit, use one engine (Falcon 1). For typical payloads, use 9 engines (Falcon 9). For heavy lift, use 27 engines (Falcon Heavy). The raptor engine will likewise be applicable to a variety of situations, not just Mars colonization -- and the large number of engines they'll have to make for the Mars Colonial Transporter will just mean better economies of scale for the more typical small Earth satellite launches.

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