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Comment Good news, we're headed there already! (Score 2) 174

We're presently approaching the Proxima Centauri system at 22.4 km/s, which is significantly faster than any spacecraft we've launched (New Horizons was about 15 km/s). Unfortunately we won't be headed that way forever, closest approach will be 3.11 light years in 26,700 years. Perhaps we can take maximal advantage by launching an interstellar mission in the year 28,716. Assuming no new administration comes along to alter NASA's priorities, we should be ready in time if we start preparing now.

Comment Re:Sterilized long ago (Score 1) 174

You are not one person who has conclusively answered all these questions which scientists are debating. It may or may not be tidally locked. The magnetic field may or may not be too weak to protect the atmosphere. Tidal locking with a strong atmosphere does not result in absolute zero temperatures any more than months without light in the winter in polar regions of Earth does. The radiation from flares may or may not be an issue for life which will presumably evolve in the ocean (which offers substantial radiation protection) or on the dark side of a tidally locked planet (which will still get energy via the atmospere from the light side, again much like Earth's polar winters).

We do not have any strong evidence yet. It's very likely that our investigations of this very planet's atmosphere via telescopes in the coming decades will be what settles our questions about planets in tight orbits around flare stars.

Comment Re:It better not be. (Score 2) 508

I loved gnome 1 for the customization options, but switched to KDE when gnome 2 came out removing all the options. KDE went through the same thing removing options with KDE 4 and again with Plasma 5, though... and of course gnome repeated it with gnome 3. Perhaps KDE dying will be a good thing, it'll prevent removing any more features from it.

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