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Comment Re:Leave it to the scientists.... (Score 3, Insightful) 93

If your doctor hasn't already told you not to eat certain foods because of your liver, how does the app have any more probability of harming you than your own subjectively selected diet? If the doctor has warned you but you weren't listening, then how is the app any more likely to be harmful than your own subjectively selected diet?

Comment Re: Why not land on the moon? (Score 1) 302

Think back to, oh, 1600. Imagine the conversations in taprooms in England- "there's no economic benefit to a colony in North America, so it's really just for show anyway"....

But nobody actually thought that. Columbus came to America searching for a lucrative trade route to the riches of India. Those who followed him came to loot the gold of the american people and enslave them, with a clear quick profit in mind.

Comment Two Solutions (Score 1) 274

Either you tax products made of un-recycled parts up to the point that recycling becomes profitable, or you publicly fund free recycling. We see a lot more of the latter, but I'd prefer the former approach -- a lot of people won't bother to recycle for free but will bother to recycle if businesses are offering them money for it.

Comment Re:Strange (Score 1) 187

On Earth, water pretty much has to be the source for hydrogen, and hydrogen is one of the elements that make up all LAWKI (that is, CHONPS). That says absolutely nothing about whether water must be the source of hydrogen, or whether forms of life that don't use hydrogen are possible. It just says that life on Earth is well adapted to build itself out of the elements found on Earth. Well, duh, that's going to happen by definition.

Water is literally the most abundant compound in the universe. It's silly to look for organic chemistry that uses some rare compound when the universe is drowning in water which we already know works great.

Comment Re:Vertical Video (Score 2) 116

I still have to wonder how sound their business model is. Have they actually turned a profit yet?

Googled that for you. As of November 2nd 2016: "The social media giant said Wednesday that third-quarter revenue soared 56% to $7 billion and its quarterly profit nearly tripled to $2.38 billion"

Sounds like a pretty profitable business model to me.

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