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Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Apple recommends upgrading to Vista

Dreben writes: "Interesting conversation with Apple support yesterday after my son purchased a new iPod Touch. They recommended I upgrade to Microsoft Vista, or if that weren't possible to Microsoft XP so that my son's new iPod could synchronize with iTunes. Our home has a fully functioning, what some might regard as robust intranet. However, Ubuntu Linux is what drives most all of it. I keep a functioning copy of Windows 2000 Pro SP4 operational so that if and when a need arises to do something in Windows we have this relatively stable platform accessible. Primarily it is used as a gaming console for WoW or when need be a host platform for running Windows applications with Wine. Apparently iPod Touch drivers will not successfully recognize the iPod Touch on Windows 2000 and allow the installation to complete. I was floored when the (very nice) Apple support tech told me I had to purchase Vista or XP for us to be able to use our new iPod. My two-pronged rebuttal was to have Apple start supporting Linux if they're going to be developing external peripheral devices or make returning devices for a full refund easier. This is rediculous! Anyone else have this experience? Any workarounds to be able to load audio/video to his new iPod Touch either with Linux or W2K?"

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