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Submission + - Is CS going to keep me interested?

darkmatter7 writes: I am a high school junior residing in the U.S. with a strong interest in computer science. I've been programming for a few years and have taken both APCS 1 and 2. Along with enjoying Math and CS, I am also very creative. Is Computer Science going to keep me entertained as a career choice or will it only leave me tired and frustrated. I am particularly interested in AI. Would it make any sense to major in something other that CompSci, like cognitive science? What are some good undergraduate programs for computer science in the U.S./Canada that are innovative and will actually allow me to work/learn on something interesting? I have very good SAT scores, a GPA of around 3.6, but my class rank is only in the top 30ish% at a very competitive public school. What are some good choices for reach schools and safety schools? Should I go to a large school, or are there any smaller schools with good CS programs? Thanks for your advice

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