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Comment Re:Would you care to elaborate on that? (Score 1) 403

The GP didn't exactly explain it well, but they (I assume) are referring to the manufacturing process. There's a lot of reported issues about QA controls. If you buy a bottle of asprin, it's pretty safe to say that each pill will have very close to the same amount of active ingredient as every other pill. The tolerances are pretty low because of tight regulation.

Herbals don't have the same level of regulation, if any at all. You have to take on faith that the manufacturer is being truthful that any given pill contains the exact amount, or even of the exact herb, they say it does. If you google "fake herbal medicines" you get report after report of various places selling false herbal medicines.

Even with a legit manufacturer, it's still up to their own internal processes to get things right because there is almost no external oversight.

Comment Re:old school command line IDE (Score 1) 193

I've found it easier to make vim a good IDE than to try to make an existing IDE more vim-like. Vim has a great :make command which will compile your program and jump to any lines with errors. It's great. If you want to run the program after a build, just put that in the Makefile too, or create a "make run".

Comment Re:I like uniforms (Score 1) 837

Grab a pair of pants, while I'm putting them on spot a shirt that doesn't clash, then reach left or right for shoes that "go."

Oh, and the reason I prefer not to wear a uniform is so I can express myself. My employer can't take away my individuality!

Oh the irony! Or sarcasm.

What are you, 13?


Comment Re:If it's within the rules, it's within the rules (Score 1) 895

Yes you can. There were bunches of CS mods which, if you 'camped' an area, would do anything from shining a bright light on you / make you emit a beeping noise, to physically launching you through the air.

Team Fortress 2 is an excellent example of coding the douchyness out of a game. Makes it less fun to be douchebag though :(

First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - Hezbollah Releases Video Game (msn.com) 1

stoolpigeon writes: "An msnbc blogger reports that on Thursday, Hezbollah released a game, "Special Force II" The game is based on the 34 day battle between Hezbollah and the Israeli military last year. Players can go into Israel to capture Israeli soldiers, launch rockets on Israeli towns and take on Israeli armor. Apparently killing Israeli soldiers garners the player bonus points. The game was said to be retailing for $10. A cnn story on the game states that the game is a tribute to what Hezbollah describes as, "...a divine victory." and a tool to teach children tactics in warfare."
The Internet

Submission + - A campaign to block Firefox users (whyfirefoxisblocked.com) 5

rarwes writes: A website is aiming at blocking Firefox users. This because a fraction of the Firefox users installed an Ad Blocker and thus stealing money from website owners that use ads. They recommend using IE, Opera or IE tab. From the site: Demographics have shown that not only are FireFox users a somewhat small percentage of the internet, they actually are even smaller in terms of online spending, therefore blocking FireFox seems to have only minimal financial drawbacks, whereas ending resource theft has tremendous financial rewards for honest, hard-working website owners and developers.
GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - Richard Stallman, missing in Peru

rockwood writes: WikiNews is reporting that according to e-mails and forum posts obtained by Wikinews, Stallman was traveling from Lima to Chimbote with a man named Mario Ramos on August 15, when the quake struck and was expected to arrive in Chimbote on Monday August 20, but he has not been heard from since the disaster.
The Internet

Submission + - How much are ad servers slowing down the internet? 2

vipermac writes: Most the times I have a problem with a web page loading slow (or freezing temporarily), I look down at the status bar and see that it is waiting on an ad server, google analytics, or the like. It seems to me on popular web sites the bottle neck is overwhelmingly on the ad servers now and not on the servers of the main web site itself. In my opinion it seems we need a better model for serving ads or else these services need to add more servers/bandwidth. Are there any studies on the delay that 3rd party ad servers are creating, or any new models that are being introduced to serve ads?

Submission + - replace a freeway bridge in one night (canada.com)

An anonymous reader writes: In Ottawa tonight a freeway bridge is being ripped out and replaced in one night. A replacement section of the bridge was built in a nearby park, and will be hauled in place with heavy lift equipment, with a projected downtime for the major freeway of less than 24 hours. There is a webcam to watch the progress.
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Id Goes Full Steam Ahead

Dr. Eggman writes: Today, quite wisper and rumors became fact as two FPS giants, Id and Valve joined forces to bring Id games back catalog to Valve's Steam. This marks a huge influx of old classics as well as opening up the possibility of bringing some of the newest, most anticipated Id games to Steam. Expect to hear more from Valve's appearance at Quakecon soon.

Comment Cross platform tools (Score 2, Informative) 129

Some cross platform tools I use both under Linux and Windows:

  • Firefox with PermitCookies extension (to easily enable cookies on trusted websites) and BugMeNot extension (to avoid compulsory registration at popular websites)
  • When really needed (since it's pretty slow) Tor + Privoxy to surf anonymously
  • Thunderbird + Enigmail for email
  • Gaim + gaim-encryption plugin for IM
  • Truecrypt for disk encryption (latest version runs great under Linux too, although there is no GUI yet)
  • Throw-away email accounts like mailinator.com

But most importantly: /dev/brain

If you care about your privacy, don't give away your data to everyone!

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