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Comment Re: Verizon is smart to do this. (Score 1) 206

It's worth noting that not everyone wants to search for everything. There was definitely a time and a place for curated news and lifestyle site sections. Being able to search in a literate fashion is likely the top needed computer skill for non-CS types, but after that, let people have fun!

Comment Re:Maybe I won't be buying a PS4 (Score 1) 142

Um, what? Are you saying FFXIV *requires* a controller? Why would you say that when Twitch is full of streamers playing KBM? Heck, the PS4 version supports KBM and, aside from the crappy mouse DPI support it's quite good!

FFXI also supports KBM on PC but in a much more limited fashion.

Comment Re:PayPal does something for their 'vendors'? (Score 1) 194

I'm glad PayPal was proactive in your case of SSD fraud. They weren't so nice to me when I bought a "Clean IMEI Cellphone" which wound up on a fraud list less than 2 months after purchase, and within PayPal's purchase security/warranty window. Had to fork over good money after bad to get a new IMEI. Phone was otherwise perfect though!

Comment Re:Both awesome and sad (Score 1) 119

I have no idea if I'm smart or dumb or both, but I have technically unique passwords for over 100 sites and work logins. I have a "core" password which I change rarely, plus 3-5 chars pertinent to that website. Have done this for years on the assumption that eventually a big enough site (like say, Slashdot in 2002) would get hit and the attackers would try my /. password everywhere.

Comment Re:That's just too damn bad. (Score 1) 767

It really depends on the design of the speed bump. They can be made with enough curvature and height to require reducing speed to say 15mph and then be driven over smoothly. There are others that are too "peaked" and must be crawled over to avoid a serious jarring.

But that's beside the point unless your street is posted for a lower than standard 25/30 residential limit. Why should anyone expect speed bumps on a 30-limit outside of a school or pedestrian crossing?

Comment Re:Meanwhile in America (Score 2) 145

I mean if I can go into the little girls room[...]

The only reason you should be going into the ladies' room is if you are female by sex or identity. One assumes you are biologically male, so then we have to assume you've dealt with gender identity dysphoria and maybe are seeing a doctor or therapist.

If you're walking up to the door with a camera crew in tow or a chip on your shoulder, then you might just be a misguided attention whore.

Comment Re:Great News (Score 1) 166

Which meaning of "fag" did you have in mind? A cigarette? Bundle of sticks? A homosexual individual?

Assuming you meant to equate drinkypoo with homosexual speech, can you elaborate? Which word choice or phrasing used by drinkypoo lines up with homosexual speech? What *is* homosexual speech? Do homosexuals use a different language?

And you might want to stay out of their toilet. That's a terrible way to measure fecal intellect.

Comment Re:oh crap (Score 1) 500

Not necessarily true - as mentioned above Twitch subscriptions run $5 a month, with approximately half going to the streamer. I don't follow top-tier League or FPS streamers, but the folks I DO watch regularly have around 1 to 4k subs. That's about $2,500 to TEN GRAND a month, just from people directly supporting them. That doesn't include direct tips/donations or side revenue from ads (either on Twitch or YouTube).

Most of my favorite streamers are on my list because of their personalities and their chat interactions. The gameplay is important too, but not the main driver. If I need to know what a game is like a canned Let's Play video would be better. I just like to see humans playing for fun, and sometimes making the same dumb mistakes I make.

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