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Comment Re:Quick, not fast (Score 1) 247

Yeah, the Teslas do fade out sooner than other supercars, but the 100D is a legitimate 10.8 - 11.0 second car. That STILL beats out a lot of cars dead stock. And while comparisons to lappable cars is pointless, there are still a lot of people who live and die a quarter mile at a time. Like the kids who used to drag all night on the new loop road they built near us.

Comment Re:Google is collecting exactly the same informati (Score 1) 111

Or, like me, you willingly accepted the bargain. I don't mind *Google* having my info, as it lowers friction across their services and makes my searches/maps better. I don't like the idea they can and do hand it over to the TLA's, but I'm not stupid enough to believe we really have any choice there anyways,

What I do not agree to is foreign governments or actors having that info. I install precious few apps, mainly because 90% of them are garbage, and otherwise to limit my exposure. That, and XPrivacy + hosts blocking lets me sleep at night.

Comment Re:Updates, on Android? Good luck with that. (Score 1) 58

I have a Note 3 running CM11 because reasons. But the newest I can get is 12 and I can't be arsed to go through the hours of reinstalling my apps (even with Titanium it takes a while because...). I use XPrivacy to control permissions so hopefully anything that tries to own me through an app-based vector alerts me. If it's Chrome into the OS itself, well, I guess I'm buggered.

Comment Re:Centrifuge therapy? (Score 1) 126

If thrill rides were a practical solution to kidney stones (jury is still out wrt human trials), then I can tell you why I'd consider it, pain be damned.

Cost. I have a cruddy high deductible health plan. I get a stipend from work but it's not as good as the old "$100 per inpatient day, $50-250 for many OP procedures" plans of yore. I'd wager my out-of-pocket in a lithotripter is far more than a SEASON pass to Disney. And after I recovered from the ride and subsequent blackout, I'd have 364 more days to forget it all!

Comment Re:New form of measurement? (Score 1) 209

As a former Verizon customer: I used about 15-20 gigs per month on a grandfathered unlimited high-speed LTE plan. Which I would have lost due to needed plan changes for other family members. So I went to T-Mobile. Have been with them three years now and get excellent value for dollar. I pay (out the door) $158 for 6 lines (all phones are already paid for) and my line has the full high speed unlimited add-on. I'm using around 25 gigs a month now.

That said, our experience all over Florida and the east coast is that when you have service, T-Mo is fine. But they have far more dead spots for data than Verizon. Verizon truly has a top-notch network. And crappy policies.

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