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Comment Re:Updates, on Android? Good luck with that. (Score 1) 58

I have a Note 3 running CM11 because reasons. But the newest I can get is 12 and I can't be arsed to go through the hours of reinstalling my apps (even with Titanium it takes a while because...). I use XPrivacy to control permissions so hopefully anything that tries to own me through an app-based vector alerts me. If it's Chrome into the OS itself, well, I guess I'm buggered.

Comment Re:Centrifuge therapy? (Score 1) 126

If thrill rides were a practical solution to kidney stones (jury is still out wrt human trials), then I can tell you why I'd consider it, pain be damned.

Cost. I have a cruddy high deductible health plan. I get a stipend from work but it's not as good as the old "$100 per inpatient day, $50-250 for many OP procedures" plans of yore. I'd wager my out-of-pocket in a lithotripter is far more than a SEASON pass to Disney. And after I recovered from the ride and subsequent blackout, I'd have 364 more days to forget it all!

Comment Re:New form of measurement? (Score 1) 209

As a former Verizon customer: I used about 15-20 gigs per month on a grandfathered unlimited high-speed LTE plan. Which I would have lost due to needed plan changes for other family members. So I went to T-Mobile. Have been with them three years now and get excellent value for dollar. I pay (out the door) $158 for 6 lines (all phones are already paid for) and my line has the full high speed unlimited add-on. I'm using around 25 gigs a month now.

That said, our experience all over Florida and the east coast is that when you have service, T-Mo is fine. But they have far more dead spots for data than Verizon. Verizon truly has a top-notch network. And crappy policies.

Comment Re: Verizon is smart to do this. (Score 1) 206

It's worth noting that not everyone wants to search for everything. There was definitely a time and a place for curated news and lifestyle site sections. Being able to search in a literate fashion is likely the top needed computer skill for non-CS types, but after that, let people have fun!

Comment Re:Maybe I won't be buying a PS4 (Score 1) 142

Um, what? Are you saying FFXIV *requires* a controller? Why would you say that when Twitch is full of streamers playing KBM? Heck, the PS4 version supports KBM and, aside from the crappy mouse DPI support it's quite good!

FFXI also supports KBM on PC but in a much more limited fashion.

Comment Re:PayPal does something for their 'vendors'? (Score 1) 194

I'm glad PayPal was proactive in your case of SSD fraud. They weren't so nice to me when I bought a "Clean IMEI Cellphone" which wound up on a fraud list less than 2 months after purchase, and within PayPal's purchase security/warranty window. Had to fork over good money after bad to get a new IMEI. Phone was otherwise perfect though!

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