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Submission + - Hydrino Reactors Independently Verified (marketwatch.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Blacklight Power Inc. has announced independent verification of its its 1,000 watt and 50,000 watt reactors. Dr. Jansson's Rowan University team conducted 55 tests of the prototypes, including controls and calibrations, during a nine-month study. Test results indicated that energy generation was proportional to the total amount of solid fuel, and only one percent of the one million joules of the energy released could be accounted for by previously known chemistry. Randell L. Mills developed Hydrino Theory, where the electron in a hydrogen atom can reach an orbital state below the ground state of conventional quantum theory, releasing a large amount of energy. While Mills has published several papers in peer reviewed journals, and has obtained more than 50 million in venture capital, his work to this point has been controversial to say the least. Will Hydrino Theory start to gain acceptance? Or were the Rowan researchers somehow fooled or misled?

Submission + - Blacklight Power refuses to die, ups ante

optionsgeek writes: Free-energy lunacy or the biggest advance in physics, since, well, forever? Dr. Randell Mills and his hydrino-powered 50kW reactor that runs on water and produces clean, limitless energy for about $0.01/kWH has received a vote of confidence from what appears to be a bonafide research group at Rowan University. Could it be that 80 years of Quantum Mechanics has been turned on it's head or is this still just an elaborate confidence scheme that has ensnared and befuddled the good researchers at Rowan? Here is the full report.

Submission + - Roll your own pivoting display?

GPS Pilot writes: A monitor with 16:9 aspect ratio is perfect for watching DVDs, but perfectly wrong for word processing and coding. What's the best way to get the best of both worlds: should I pay a premium for a display that has a 90 degree pivoting feature built-in (such as the HP LP2465), or is there a good aftermarket VESA mount desktop stand that can turn any LCD into a pivoting display? And how well do various OSes support pivoting displays? (I'm most interested in OS X.)

Submission + - Syria blocks political expression via Facebook (reuters.com)

An anonymous reader writes: In the Reuters report, Ammar al-Qurabi, head of the Syrian National Association for Human Rights, explains: "Officials said Facebook could become a conduit for Israeli penetration of our youth, but the real reason for blocking the forum because it provides for criticism of the authorities."

Sigh... It's amazing that there are populations that stand for this kind of tyranny.

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