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Submission + - Google slapped with fine in Bedrock lawsuit (

kvvbassboy writes: "A Texas jury decided to fine Google Inc. (GOOG) $5 million for infringing on Linux technology patents owned by Bedrock Computer Technologies. ... The original complaint, filed in 2009 against Google, also alleges that Yahoo,, PayPal,, MySpace, and AOL are all violating Bedrock's patent of the Linux code. Google visited court first, likely due to the fact that the company uses one of the hugest sets of Linux-based services." This is extremely bad news for Linux and open source software, in general.

Submission + - Google for Nonprofits Launched to Kudos from NRDC

theodp writes: CNET reports that the new Google for Nonprofits program will provide approved U.S.-based nonprofit organizations with up to $10,000 a month in Google AdWords advertising, free or discounted use of Google Apps, and access to premium features on YouTube and Google's mapping technologies. Google maps and videos can actually help save the planet, boasts a promotional video accompanying the announcement, in which the Executive Director of the Natural Resources Defense Council explains that NRDC has been using Google tools to 'make vivid some of our environmental concerns,' like this viral anti-BP video, without having to pay a cent. NRDC also sang the praises of Google in a longer video last November, estimating they've received the benefits of more than $2.6MM in advertising for nary a dime. Quite a ringing endorsement, although one might want to consider it's coming from an organization that's pocketed millions from and millions more from the Schmidt Family Foundation, the nonprofit foundation of Google CEO Eric Schmidt and wife Wendy, who is also a member of NRDC's Board of Trustees.

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