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Journal GMontag's Journal: 2600 Meeting Solves Alternative Fuel Puzzle: Melon Oil 1

So, after some discussion with some of the DC 2600 folk, I have pieced together the most excellent alternative fuel for my hybrid fleet.

This forgotten fuel is the product of recently sequestered carbon, it is natural, organic, renewable and scaleable. Also, it does not compete with land that could be better used for affordable single family housing.

When processed at sea, any spillage is biodegraded and re-enters the food chain.

Farming is not the proper word for managing this long-forgotten fuel; it is more like ranching. With proper modern techniques, the catch can be directed to processing with little danger to the ranchers.

The long lost fuel, of course, is train oil (also known as melon oil).

Don't let the name fool you. It is not just for trains. I will use the term melon oil to avoid confusion.

The old ways of harvesting melon oil from the sea were so dangerous and barbaric that the industry was stained for over a century. Harpoon cannons and the like gave awful images to the opponents of harvesting that were used to destroy the industry and gave rise to big oil.

Today sonic herding shows promise in guiding the herd to the processing ship where the melon oil is efficiently extracted.

As the proponents of ethanol point out, if they begin to run out of raw material they just grow more. Same thing applies to sea ranching. With modern fertility treatments there is no reason why the cows cannot have multiple litters of calves and an endless supply of melon oil.

Nothing is wasted from the process. There is a giant market for bone that has been building since the early 1980s. Other parts of the animal are in great demand in Asia. Unlike ethanol, melon oil takes less energy to produce than it gives. Also, the oils that are not that efficient for transportation usage make great candles, soaps and perfumes.

Yes, the planet can be saved with farming, but the grail is at sea, not in Iowa.


To learn more, research: train oil; melon oil and sperm oil.

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2600 Meeting Solves Alternative Fuel Puzzle: Melon Oil

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