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Journal GMontag's Journal: Lee Siegel of The New Republic Tries to Excuse His Fascism

Stemming from a violation of Godwin's Law, Lee Siegel of The New Republic tries to spin the existence of irrational Liberals into being products of some imaginary version of the Republican Right-wing.

But it's not exactly effectual to be sustained by what you hate. Politics is about persuading your adversary's supporters to come to your side. It's not about reassuring everyone on your side--under the guise of "thinking strategically"--that you and they are absolutely right. The Republican right wing pushed its party to an extremist fundamentalism. That, in turn, created its mirror image in the fevers of the left-liberal blogosphere, which is now trying to push the Democrats to an extremist fundamentalism. Fascism, having begun as a syncretic socialism, wasn't always evil. It started out in radically polarized circumstances and consisted of extremist and fundamentalist rhetoric. It was a style before it became a movement. I wasn't stigmatizing a politics. I was characterizing a mode of expression.

The sense of the article as a whole is Siegel wondering to himself why everybody else is not saying what he wants them to say because they are not as smart as he thinks he is. A similar mindset is written about by me here.

I am imagening a picture of Suite 700 at 1331 H St. NW, DC as being adorned with lawn jockeys while the courtesans lounge around sipping manhattan martinis and asking their editors when Shaw will ever become as white as Georgetown so they can move closer to a METRO stop. All the while blaming every comma splice, shouting capitalization and social ill on the evil Republican country club set.

'My loins ache for another cobbler chrystalnacht.'

'Hey Fairbanks, who does 'Shooter' root for in NASCAR?'
'The Jose Cuervo car, but they never win because they are still mowing the infield when the flag drops!' ::martini glasses clink::

Yes, they sigh, 'With an iron fist we will bring joy to the world! We just need a few more freedom fighters like The Hon. Richard J. Daley of Chicago and Cas Walker of Knoxville, Tenn. to get better vote counts.'

'Don't let it go to print that way! Better edit it before that second manhattan so we can make happy hour.'

'No GLASS you do not get credit in the article and you can't go to happy hour with us just to watch, it's womyn only! You are just arm candy at funky bourbon bars.'

If I were a New RepubliKKK employee, the above musings would be in full quotes as if they were fact.

A free copy of the subject article is available here:
Remove the space in S iegel

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Lee Siegel of The New Republic Tries to Excuse His Fascism

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