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Open Source

Desktop Linux Is Dead 1348

digitaldc writes with this quote from PCWorld: "It kills me to say this: The dream of Linux as a major desktop OS is now pretty much dead. Despite phenomenal security and stability — and amazing strides in usability, performance, and compatibility — Linux simply isn't catching on with desktop users. And if there ever was a chance for desktop Linux to succeed, that ship has long since sunk. ... Ultimately, Linux is doomed on the desktop because of a critical lack of content. And that lack of content owes its existence to two key factors: the fragmentation of the Linux platform, and the fierce ideology of the open-source community at large."

Comment Re:We have it. It's called the World Wide Web. (Score 3, Interesting) 363

Facebook is useful because of its user base, its aggregation, and its API. Personal websites don't provide this.

Game theory problem.
Even if 90% of people wanted to switch to open protocols, there's no clear path from A to B.

In that scenario, you've got four choices:
1) Call that a tragedy and throw up your hands.
2) Be a douche canoe and mansplain how Libertarian ideology invalidates the desires of that 90%.
3) Call for government action.
4) Find some way to promote private collective bargaining.

This problem applies to a wide range of issues from DRM to ISP throttling to "developing" world exploitation.

Comment Host your own ads (Score 1) 1051

The only time I'll click an ad is if I know where the URL is going, not some stupid 80-mile URL that doesn't even take me to what I want. 99% of the time ads aren't even relevant, but when I see sites that host their own hand-picked ads, I'll click them if it looks interesting.

It makes sense too, a site picks out ads that they think their audience will be responsive to. They host them on their own server as to avoid ad blocking, and I actually click said ads. Sure ad-tracking and such can't really work so seamlessly, but it could be a lot better.

Comment Advertisers... (Score 1) 1051

By definition, the entire advertising business is based around changing/influencing my behavior and the ONLY way they can do that is by intruding on my time/space (if there's another way, nobody's come up with it yet).

Now they're surprised when I try to prevent them? LOL!

Comment Re:Mods on crack again (Score 1) 346

Slashdot is no longer for geeky science. The geeky science here only serves as a pretext to allow nerds to come together to vent political angst. There's a Slashdot corollary to Godwin's Law, which states that the longer a discussion goes on, the odds of it spiraling off-topic into a debate over American politics approaches 100%.

Comment Re:Democratic? (Score 1) 278

A major feature of the English language is its ability to incorporate foreign words and phrases in a useful way which colors, expands, and even conceptually improves the language.

What you have described is called a loanword and it is not a concept limited to English. Many of the words used in legal codes for most of western Europe is French in origin (I.E. amicus curae) this includes German, Spanish and Italian languages as well as English.

You will often find common ancestry of words. The Thai word for foreigner (westerner) "Farang" comes from the Indian (Hindi) word for foreigner "Ferengi" which comes from Ariabic and Farsi word "Fareghi" which traces its origins back to the original French name, the "frank". This is how loanwords come into common usage, I'm certain there will be Japanese expressions used in Vietnamese simply because these cultures will have a great deal of contact with each other and words have worked their way in there over time.

The English language is dominant over the internet because 1. English is spoken by many people and is the language of international business 2. The interment was built by English speaking people.

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