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Submission + - Fit teenagers less likely to suffer from depression as adults (

G3ckoG33k writes: A study of more than a million men reveals that good physical fitness at the age of 18 is associated with a reduced risk of serious depression later in life. Previous studies have shown that a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of depression, but most of these have been based on interviews with adults. The study covers men born between 1950 and 1987 in good mental health on enlisting for military service. For these 1,117,292 men, the researchers compared the results of physical tests at the time of enlistment with national disease registers. Separate analyses were performed to allow for reverse causality – in other words the possibility of very early symptoms of depression leading to reduced fitness in the physical tests. But even after taking this into account, there were still the same associations. Even more remarkable is that the increase in risk could be observed up to 40 years later. By undertaking a special analysis of the roughly 380.000 brothers covered by the study, the researchers were also able to rule out environmental and hereditary factors. So, slashdotters, how fit were you when you were 18?

Submission + - Chinese researchers map family names (

G3ckoG33k writes: Chinese researchers have mapped the occurrence of family names down to a county level and will proceed matching them with genetic data. From the article: "Last names are handy for more than constructing family trees—they can also trace population connections and movements across and between countries. Researchers in China recently mapped the country's so-called isonymy structure, which shows how likely people are to share their last name with those around them. The resulting patchwork matches patterns of ethnic distribution and tracks some of China's historic migrations, such as the diversity of people who settled in the Yangtze River basin over many centuries. ". Is this just intriguing science or is it a new step towards a higher level of racism. Imagine... Oh wait, we already have Facebook ( and the White Pages (

Submission + - New plans for two cold fusion plants ( 1

G3ckoG33k writes: The cold fusion inventor, Andreas Rossi, wrote "We have already made all the engineering of the production line in the two factories we will set up (one in the USA, one in Europe) and we will have just to set up the software of the robots and fix the drawings after the requirements of the Certificators. I think that it will take from 6 to 12 months after the certifications will be done to start the production." Is this credible? Or is it just the greatest scam on Earth?

Submission + - Two-dimensional glass, three atoms thick, now free-standing (

G3ckoG33k writes: 'Researchers have created the world's thinnest pane of glass—and it looks oddly familiar. The glass, made of silicon and oxygen, formed accidentally when the scientists were making graphene, an atom-thick sheet of carbon, on copper-covered quartz. They believe an air leak caused the copper to react with the quartz, which is also made of silicon and oxygen, producing a glass layer with the graphene.' This shows how 'accidents' are important for improving technology.

Submission + - Numb and tingly fingers ( 2

G3ckoG33k writes: Since a few days, with way too many hours in front of the keyboard, I started to get numb and tingly fingers. Have you ever been there? So, I googled and found someone with my symptoms: "The little finger and ring finger of my left-hand has been constantly semi-numb and tingly for two or three weeks. I was beginning to think I might have a serious bloodflow problem...". Just as I have done (until I read his post), that guy had had the bad habit of propping his left elbow on the desk and leaning the chin on his left hand for support when he browsed around on the PC... Has anyone else had symptoms related to PC usage? Maybe one could reduce symptoms like these just by making people aware of them!

Submission + - AMD Bulldozer sets world record, 8.4 GHz (

G3ckoG33k writes: "8429.38MHz is the new CPU Frequency World Record claimed by a near-production desktop version of AMD’s FX Bulldozer CPU! witnessed the event first hand in Austin, TX at AMD Headquarters on August 31st during an AMD FX pre-launch briefing, and the record is set to be confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records and [...] But what does it really mean? The world record feat brings us a lot of excitement about the possibilities for Bulldozer, but we still should be asking what it really means. In recent years, the game of high frequency records was the sole domain of Intel processors, and only about 20 of their chips have ever recorded tipping the scale at over 8GHz though hundreds of overclockers have tried for years. But even Intel hasn’t had any current generation contenders on this playing field; Intel’s best record was set just last month on August 12th, 2011 when TaPaKaH hit 8308.94MHz on an old Cedar Mill chip."

Submission + - I screwed a moderation point...

G3ckoG33k writes: Let it be known, I screwed a moderation point, and due to a new keyboard... It doesn't have exactly the same feel and touch to it, so, I inadvertantly gave a bollocks remark high scores. No, I don't remember which it was. I just recall WTF did I just recommend... FI

Submission + - A new, 6000 km river just discovered ( 1

G3ckoG33k writes: For some reason a 6000 km river has been undiscovered until now. The reason is obvious, it is subterranean and lies beneath the Amazon river. An article in The Guardian describes how "scientists have found a new river in the Amazon basin – around 4km underneath the Amazon river. The Rio Hamza, named after the head of the team of researchers who found the groundwater flow, appears to be as long as the Amazon river but up to hundreds of times wider. Both the Amazon and Hamza flow from west to east and are around the same length, at 6,000km. But whereas the Amazon ranges from 1km to 100km in width, the Hamza ranges from 200km to 400km. The underground river starts in the Acre region under the Andes and flows through the Solimões, Amazonas and Marajó basins before opening out directly into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean." and how "researchers used a mathematical model to predict the presence of the underground river, based on the measured changes in temperature down the wells. In the presentation, Piementel said that the flow of groundwater was almost vertical through the rocks to depths of around 2,000m. After this, the water flow changes direction and becomes almost horizontal." It is amazing how much there is left to discover, on Earth!

Submission + - Fact free science is on the move. Beware! ( 6

G3ckoG33k writes: Fact free science is not a joke, it is very much on the move and it is quite possibly the most dangerous movement in centuries, for the entire mankind. One can say it began as counter-movement to Karl Popper's ground-breaking proposals in the early 20th century, which insisted that statements purporting to describe the reality should be made falsifiable. A few decades later some critics of Popper said that statements need peer acceptance, which then makes also natural science a social phenomenon. Even later, in 1996, professor Alan Sokal submitted a famous article ridiculing the entire anti-science movement. Now New York Times has an article describing the latest chilling acts of the social relativistic postmodern loons. It is a chilling read, and they may be swinging both the political left and right. Have they been successful in transforming the world yet? How would we know?

Submission + - 35,000 Linux benchmarks in a week (

G3ckoG33k writes: has received 37,027 benchmarks (mainly Linux, and some Macs) in the first week since its inauguration. 241,384 completed tests using 468,344 components from 438 hardware vendors. All results submitted by end users. I guess the hardware support for Linux must become even better thanks to this effort. Yes, the benchmarks are easy to install and run, and you can readily compare your own system anonymously with the results already submitted, using any or all of hundreds of free applications in 47 categories.

Submission + - The wheel, invented once again?! (

G3ckoG33k writes: If you thought you knew that the "wheel" had already been invented, think again. There is an Italian company that has designed a new exercise bike which looks more like a wheel than any other exercise bike you have seen. It is of course made in composite material and would probably be Darth Vader's bike of choice. The design is spectacular. Laminated kevlar would probably be robust enough for armchair athletes like me too. There is also a video of it.

Submission + - The wheel, invented once again?! (

G3ckoG33k writes: If you thought you knew that the "wheel" had already been invented, think again. There is an Italian company that has designed a new exercise bike which looks more like a wheel than any other exercise bike you have seen. It is of course made in composite material and would probably be Darth Vaders bike of choice. The design is spectacular. Laminated kevlar would probably be robust enough for armchair athletes like me too. There is also a video of it.

Submission + - The Ultimate nerd site? (

G3ckoG33k writes: I guess there are more aspects of nerdiness than many wish to admit. Still, whenever I wish indulge in my own lack of extrovert stamina I visit the Metamath web page. Their "Proof Explorer" is described as "Inspired by Whitehead and Russell's monumental Principia Mathematica, the Metamath Proof Explorer has over 8,000 completely worked out proofs, starting from the very foundation that mathematics is built on and eventually arriving at familiar mathematical facts and beyond. Each proof is pieced together with razor-sharp precision using a simple substitution rule that practically anyone (with lots of patience) can follow, not just mathematicians. Every step can be drilled down deeper and deeper into the labyrinth until axioms of logic and set theory — the starting point for all of mathematics — will ultimately be found at the bottom. You could spend literally days exploring the astonishing tangle of logic leading, say, from the seemingly mundane theorem 2+2=4 back to these axioms. Essentially everything that is possible to know in mathematics can be derived from a handful of axioms known as Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory, which is the culmination of many years of effort to isolate the essential nature of mathematics and is one of the most profound achievements of mankind. " How can you not just love it?!

Submission + - BP and Transocean must use relief wells? (

G3ckoG33k writes: Like many others I had heard about the Ixtoc Mexican Gulf oil spill from 31 years ago. The company drilling in 1979 was Sedco, later known as Transocean, which is the operator contracted by BP for the Deepwater Horizon. Now, an 8 minute YouTube clip with original 1979 footage summarizes "All of the techniques now being used to plug the oil spill in the Deepwater Horizon disaster were tried 31 years ago with Ixtoc I and they failed. It was only when relief wells were drilled 9 months after the disaster began that the Ixtoc spill could be capped." So, it is BP and Transocean. So, when will they get those relief wells in place?! Who is betting on 2011?

Submission + - Windows 7 faster than Mac OS X on Apple hardware ( 2

G3ckoG33k writes: Phoronix has tested Windows 7 vs Ubuntu vs Mac OS, and made the conclusion "Microsoft Windows 7 x64 was significantly faster than Mac OS X 10.6.3 on Apple's very own hardware". Ubuntu came out in the middle. How much of a flamebait isn't that?! Is it time for yet another flamewar?

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