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Submission + - SPAM: Website design company India |website design servi

ryma writes: Website Design Company India,Global Ingenious is a foremost Specialized Website Design and Website Development Company in India. The Professional and best web design company India specialized in building a SEO friendly Website Designa.
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Submission + - SPAM: Liver Transplant India

forerunners12 writes: "This page describes about liver transplant cost, low cost and advantages in India along with candidates, preparation, procedure, surgery types, donor, follow up care etc — Forerunners Healthcare a leading international medical tourism company in India."
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Submission + - Huddl takes on GroupMe (

danielherdean writes: "You'd be interested to know of a new competitor on the market with a much different take on group messaging. Huddl just launched the other day and is like Instagram for groups. Huddl fills the gap between SMS and social networks like Facebook & Twitter and works with any mobile phone in the US, simplifying social group sharing.

In addition to providing similar messaging features as GroupMe, Huddl stands apart for two key reasons:

Open groups
- users can make their groups public to friends or private (like GroupMe)
- public groups make the app much more social and fun
- users can keep up with what their friends are doing by exploring their groups (called huddles).

Event groups
- users can create an event group by simply generating a QR code within the app
- event owner then posts the QR code and attendees can easily scan into group
- this is great for sharing photos and messages with friends at a concert, wedding or festival

Download the app at"

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