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Comment iPad works ok (Score 2) 417

My Mom, she is 68 this year, has just switched from a 15" MacBook Pro as her only computer to an iPad 4 as her only computing device. She really only does e-mail, browsing, some e-banking and the odd video/movie every now and then. The MBP was clearly overkill for her in the first place, but the iPad does pretty much everything she ever needed with much less bulk, weight and cost. She certainly uses the iPad more than she used the MBP before that, so she must be satisfied with it.

Comment Re:Free market! (Score 1) 419

Nope, the free market likes profit margins just as much, there is no need to please the customer. I've been travelling in NZ and AU for a little over two months now. Capped internet is the standard here. It was particularly bad in Tasmania. No free WiFi anywhere but at McDonalds and there it's capped at 50MB. Paid WiFi is available, 99$ for 30 days or 1GB of traffic, yes you read that right. Internet video, uploading content (my photos of the trip) or cloud computing is entirely unthinkable in such an environment. If this trend continues, the further development of the internet is coming to a standstill. Entire industries will die (streaming, online games etc).

Comment Re:Reconsider your pack (Score 1) 282

Spare the irony. For traveling, the outlined equipment is quite adequate, I know from my own experience (i.e. less than 2kg of equipment, which can be easily carried around even for hiking trips without tiring the back). If the OP was a professional fotographer, he would probably just resort to a hardened roller case with ample space for both the computer and the camera(s) with lens(es) and a tripod to boot. As for the financial aspect: If both the DSLR and the MBP are fairly up to date, their resale value is probably higher than the new price for the "light kit". Since the OP was asking for a solution and not for a bargain, the reasoning is sound.

Comment Reconsider your pack (Score 0) 282

A 17" MBP and a big DSLR just happen to be a bad choice for travelling. Go for a 11" MBA and a Panasonic or Olympus MFT camera instead. Almost the same capability at a fraction of the weight and bulk, and less expensive to boot. You can easily half your pack's weight this way.

Comment Re:Interesting Story! (Score 1) 514

the answer is right there in the OP: "I enjoy mowing..." Why do people eat too much and become fat? They enjoy it. Why do people drink to much an become drunk? They enjoy it. Why do people spend too much? They enjoy it. Mankind is not rational and there is no need to be. If the guy enjoys mowing his huge lawn, let him do it.

Comment Choice (Score 1) 434

If your only choice is between XP (SP3, I assume) and OS X 10.6.x and your goal is to keep the total cost of ownership as low as possible, then I think the decision is a rather obvious one: OS X. If however it's an option to upgrade the entire network to Windows 7 and thus have a uniform environment, then you might want to research into this a little further. As for software, I can't really comment, but with the right tools, Macs are still more versatile than pure Windows machines, even if it means having a dual boot system with OS X, Windows.
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