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Comment Re:And 1/2... (Score 1) 776

It's important to note that at least the hybrid models have brake override, meaning that if you depress the brakes and the accelerator at the same time, the brakes take precedence and the engine is idled (or shut off). This makes the unintended acceleration issue almost impossible. I have a 2005 Prius and made sure to test this during my first test drive as I didn't fully trust drive by wire technology and computer controlled everything to be fool proof. That's not to say that the brake override is perfect (since it's still just software) but it's an important safety addition. What boggles my mind is that every drive by wire car doesn't have this feature. It adds nothing to the cost of the car and is a critical safety feature which can mitigate some software errors as well as sensor failures.

Comment Re:Meraki (Score 1) 178

I have to second the Meraki, I've worked with them a little and they are stupid simple to setup and maintain. From a price perspective they kill Cisco and a lot of the other big vendors as well so it can be a big win all around.

Comment Re:cat and mouse (Score 2, Insightful) 396

As a disclaimer I don't use an iPod or iTunes so I might be making this up as I go along:

>1. You can use your iPod with other software.

Do people really do that? I was under the impression that if you have an iPod you really only ever use iTunes. Since iTunes is the only way to update an iPod you have to at least have it installed so using something else to manage an iPod doesn't sound like something most people would do. Not that there's anything wrong with that, iTunes is a superb app from what I've heard so there's no harm in bundling it as it gives the consumer what they want (good media app with good iPod integration).

>2. With the exception of older DRM'ed tracks, you can put your music from iTunes on any device with any other software that supports said device and the proper file formats.

I know a lot of people stuck with those old DRM'ed tracks who are too cheap/lazy/ignorant to update them. If you use iTunes, "Everything Just Works(tm)"

>3. Palm is taking the lazyass way out and piggybacking on iTunes when anyone with three braincells could see this leapfrog coming a mile away. Yes, Apple is being dickish about this, but Palm damn well knew this would happen and they have a lot more to lose from pissed off customers than Apple does. The iTunes library is just an XML file. It would be trivial for Palm to make an app that reads said file and syncs without the need for iTunes to be running.

This is certainly true, writing their own sync application would probably cost less than the lawyers they have on retainer preparing for the eventual Apple lawsuit. This is probably more of a press battle than anything else and Palm is playing it pretty smart by staying in the public eye with this. Apple looks bad for deliberately locking them out and Palm looks technically savvy for coming up with another workaround. For everyone I know with an iPod though, iTunes is The Music App. I used to see the same thing where IE was The Internet. If you have to use something else it looks like a kludge to end users so integrating with what they already know and use is a win for consumers.

Comment Re:cat and mouse (Score 3, Insightful) 396

Why as a consumer would I be so dumb as to buy anything Apple if they're only goal is to extract as much money from me as possible by forcing me to use only their products? If a company like Apple wants to specifically break compatibility with their products for third parties then I would choose not to use their products. Why is it that people jump on Microsoft when they trap consumers but applaud Apple for the same behavior? I'm not saying Apple doesn't make good products (I think they do), but the price of it is vendor lock-in the likes of which Microsoft can only dream about.

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