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Comment Re:Global warming is a good thing (Score 1) 394

Electric arc furnaces work fine, but unless steel is recycled it has to be made anew from iron ore, and that requires carbon,

Not to mention that when you recycle steel, you either have to mix it with virgin metal to get something that behaves like new steel, or you wind up with something harder that isn't good for the same things. Aluminum doesn't have this problem.

Comment Re:This is retarded conservatism to help 'coal' (Score 1) 394

Coal is still the best material for making steel from iron.

More and more stuff is being made out of Aluminum, which costs more to produce than steel but which is far cheaper to recycle if you sort it. That's been made cost-effective by laser spectroscopy, which has recently become cost-effective itself.

Comment Re:The view fails to account getting &*#@ed (Score 1) 399

Each generation is now getting fucked harder because we continue to gain more ability to fuck up the world they're going to live in. Not only do they have to navigate a more complex landscape, with more hazards, but they have to do it with less natural capital.

Comment Re:Troglodytes (Score 2) 146

All of them, and make no mistake Hillary would have been just as bad.

No, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have been. I think it's reasonable to assume she would have continued the same kind of policies as Obama. And it was Obama's FCC that started to take Network Neutrality seriously to begin with.

There is no justification for claiming a "Both sides" position here, just as there isn't with 90% of what Trump is doing.

Comment Re:Immunity (Score 1) 179

It's my understanding that the immunity transfer mainly happens in the later stages, and much of it even post-natal (via suckling). So much of it is already being frequently bypassed with sub-optimal results. But kids usually survive.

That said, this would appear to worsen the situation, so it does appear to be another problem to be solved.

Comment Re:Yay for women's rights, too (Score 1) 179

FWIW there's already work in progress towards taking a skin cell (a *live* skin cell, not one from the surface) and converting it into a root stem cell. And lots of work on taking that stem cell and causing it to develop into any particular kind of cell desired. In this case that would be an oocyte. Then there will need to be work done on maturing and supporting that oocyte, but that's probably not major considering what's already been done. And sperm is even easier.

So there won't be a need for either males or females, merely entities. This may herald an eventual population boom that is uncontrollable, as only those who specifically want children will have them, which means that will be strongly selected for. (This was one of the themes in Niven & Pournelle's "The Mote in God's Eye", but that doesn't make it wrong.)

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