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Comment Re: Question (Score 3, Insightful) 504

Because having more than a subsistence existence is pretty nice, actually. And holding down a job and being rewarded for it also feels nice for your self-esteem (provided that it's not a terrible abusive job).

Please note that basic income does away with the poverty traps of means-based assistance (housing assistance, food stamps). So you'll still have enough money to live on, but you won't have much discretionary income and won't be able to afford the things you like.

Comment Re:All You Can Eat... (Score 1) 412

Verizon's been patiently letting these customers stay in their restaurant for ages. They haven't even been an all-you-can-eat restaurant for like, 3 years now.

Verizon's just now saying "Okay, but you need to start eating like a normal person (and not taking 8 steaks and licking each of them once), or we're going to take away your special privilege and treat you like any other new customer."

Comment Re:Where are big pharma's recreational drugs? (Score 1) 415

It's a profit question.

* Insurance won't pay for recreational drugs.
* Consumers won't pay brand-name prices without insurance (at least, not consumers at large)
* Company can't charge enough to make back what it sunk into R&D, testing, and regulatory approval. All that engineering-from-the-ground up takes a lot of money. Most new drugs are simple (but patentable) tweaks of older drugs already in their stable.

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