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Comment Missing info (Score 3, Informative) 44

The summary neglected to mention, but Tumblr has promised that you will be able to share in the profit from the ads that appear on your own blog, if you choose not to opt out. (Similar to how a youtube channel owner can allow ads on their videos in exchange for a cut).

I imagine it won't be a meaningful amount of money for most users, but I think that's an important detail that makes this seem less Evil than it otherwise would.

Comment Re:What a coincidence! (Score 2, Interesting) 128

What a trash video. He basically says "um have they considered that you'll be going fast and that crashing is bad?"

He's not even consistent - he claims in one breath that any crash would breach the outer walls and that repressurization would be catastrophically fast, and in the next that humans couldn't possibly survive until the tube repressurized and would die nearly instantly from being exposed to vacuum.

He also doesn't really know how anything works and throws in meaningless stats constantly. Like when he compares the mass of the air in the tube about 20 minutes in - irrelevant to anything. It's like saying the water pressure in my shower is somehow increased by the mile of plumbing between me and the water tower.

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