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Comment Re:They don't want to punish advertisers. (Score 1, Interesting) 79

I do want to punish advertisers, i want them to be stuffed in the trunk of a car and driven out to Death Valley Desert and abandoned to walk to the next civiliztion, and while they are gone all their computers completely destroyed, right after their credit cards is maxed out by identity thieves, i hate advertising bitterly, they stick their shit in everything, radio, TV, billboards on the sides of the road, billboards all over town, now finally the internet has been able to give the advertisers a little bit of a battle and i hope like heck the people that hate advertisers can finally win and get an ad-free spot on this earth without all their GOD DAMN advertising

Comment i would think browser info that gets sent back (Score 1) 79

the info the browser provides would handle that, so when someone is using a website and their browser says this is an android device with a screen resolution of #x# that phones & tablets use the website should automatically serve up mobile optimized web pages, and when the browser said this is a Linux or windows device with an even bigger screen resolution of #x# that most laptops and desktop PCs have then the server should serve up laptop/desktop optimized web pages,

Comment i am wondering about Seamonkey (Score 1) 226

the last release was 2.40 back in March 2016, have they abandoned the project? seems like an updated browser would be released once every 2 or 3 months, and that some new and updated code from Firefox would be ported to Seamonkey, i want to know what Seamonkey's status is because i dont want to keep using it if it has been abandoned,

Comment I have my own facebook workaround (Score 3, Informative) 426

# Block Facebook IPv4

Comment VLC is nice for many things (Score 1) 204

ok check this idea, i use VLC to monitor some IP security cams i have set up around the house, would it be possible to view up to 4 cams within one instance of VLC and have it utilize the motion detection feature to grab a screen shot, so when i get home i can see what triggered the motion detector, i did have a screen shot app included in a script that would launch with VLC but it would leave thousands of screenshots in my ~/ directory, and if VLC could trigger any generic screenshot app like scrot by the motion detector feature that would be great!!! Thanks:
P.S. i bet a lot of people besides me would find that useful

Comment Re:2016: The Year of Linux on the Desktop (Score 1) 207

or what if the data collected finds that are are married but surfing dating and singles websites and determines since you are married you might be cheating on your wife and sells that info to attornies to spam your wife with, but the snoops dont know who is actually behind the desk at your computer is your drunk uncle visiting and using your computer to try and hook up with some lonely old harpy he knew in highschool

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