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Submission + - Big Windows 10 Anniversary Update coming this summer (betanews.com)

Mark Wilson writes: At Build 2016, Microsoft revealed that Windows 10 has now been installed on more than a quarter of a billion devices. But Build is about looking forward, not to the past or present. Windows 10 may have been lapped up by hundreds of millions of users, but there is already demand for the next big update — and it's just on the horizon in the form of Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Due for release late summer — although no date has been given at this stage — Windows 10 Anniversary Update is described as an "interim release", but one that will feature "significant new features". Timed to coincide with Windows 10's first anniversary, the update will enable developers to make use of hundreds of new features in an updated API set.

Submission + - With the Snowden revelations, do people still trust SELinux?

An anonymous reader writes: I am curious. With all of the revelations about spying by the NSA and considering that the NSA wrote parts of SELinux, do people still trust SELinux?

Submission + - Mozilla Warns Of Security Flaw In Identity Management Service (itworld.com)

itwbennett writes: A vulnerability found recently in an OpenID-based feature of the Mozilla Persona online identity management service prompted the company to advise Web developers to check their OpenID implementations for similar issues. The flaw, which was reported through the Mozilla bug bounty program and is now fixed, could have allowed an attacker to authenticate on Persona-enabled websites with the Gmail or Yahoo Mail addresses of other users.

Submission + - App Developers Alliance Developer Census (devcensus.org)

AhaStudies writes: The App Developers Alliance is a non-profit industry association dedicated to meeting the unique needs of developers as creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs. We, at the University of Colorado Boulder, are collaborating with the App Developers Alliance to learn more about the app developer community worldwide. Please take a few minutes to be counted in our Developer Census.

Submission + - Existing Drugs Fight Antibiotic-Resistant Bugs (sciencemag.org)

sciencehabit writes: Medical experts have been powerless to stop the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and are increasingly desperate to develop novel drugs. But a new study finds that smarter use of current antibiotics could offer a solution. Researchers were able to keep resistant bacteria from thriving by alternating antibiotics to specifically exploit the vulnerabilities that come along with resistance—a strategy that could extend the lifespan of existing drugs to continue fighting even the most persistent pathogens.

Submission + - Worst Cliffhangers in Gaming (goozernation.com)

RyanDJ writes: Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

Some cliffhangers are good. They entice you for the next game in the series. Then, there's the bad ones. Ones you never see resolution to. Ones that are ignored in the next game in the series. Worst, ones that are forced on you when you didn't expect one, even years after you felt "done" with the game. What are yours? Did they make the list?

Submission + - Xerox to correct dangerous software bug in their scan copiers

An anonymous reader writes: To all of those making fun of the German dude and saying he didn't read the manual: The guy was perfectly right, and it's good he insisted, Xerox press statement says.


There was indeed a dangerous bug mangling numbers across all compression modes (serious candidate for the "mother of all bugs" award).

They didn't believe him at first, too. They do now, and they probably warm up their lawyers in advance to withstand all the upcoming class action lawsuits.

Original article:

Current blog post confirming Xerox statement:

Submission + - Girl, 11, has higher IQ than Einstein (news.com.au)

johnsnails writes: THE smartest person in Britain isn't an Oxbridge professor or BBC boffin, it's an 11-year-old girl with huge aspirations.
Cerys Cooksammy-Parnell scored the maximum of 162 on a Mensa IQ test in July, ranking her smarter than Einstein and Stephen Hawking, the Wall St Journal reports.

Submission + - Cheaper student loans after Senate deal, for now (wcvb.com)

CoTurner writes: According to the deal, undergraduates taking out loans this fall will pay just 3.86% in interest on new loans for this school year — cheaper than the 6.8% interest rate that kicked in on July 1. The new rates would apply for loans taken out after July 1.

But student advocates don't like the deal, because rates are expected to rise in coming years.

"It's a missed opportunity, because this is going to cost students more than leaving current rates in place," said Lauren Asher, president of the Institute for College Access & Success, a nonprofit that advocates for more affordable higher education.

Submission + - The Old Reader Database Snafoo (theoldreader.com)

An anonymous reader writes: TheOldReader (a popular Google Reader replacement) has had some major issues leading to what appears to be a complete outage. The holding page at http://theoldreader.com/ currently reads;

"Sad news

After storage migration that we performed on Saturday our database servers started experiencing much higher load and it looks like this resulted in multiple SSD drive failures on several servers at the same time. Unfortunately some of those servers were part of the same database shards, so we lost some of the data.

We have started restoring data from our latest backup, and we will then be applying incremental changes since the time that backup got made to ensure that the database is in the most consistent state possible.

This might take a while. Hopefully the site will be back online some time later this week. We will post more details shortly in a blog post."

Lets hope that uses aren't dependent on the service to receive updates from their blog.

Submission + - Dragon's Tale: A Bitcoin-based Gambling MMORPG (dragons.tl)

Teppy writes: Since founding eGenesis in 1998 I've been the lead designer of A Tale in the Desert. Though ATITD never attracted a huge playerbase, it still has fiercely loyal fans, and proved that MMORPGs could be about things other than combat. About 3 years ago I decided to create another MMORPG, again without combat, and this time focusing on real-money gambling. In Dragon's Tale you level your character by completing gambling quests; as your level increases, new areas of the game can be explored, and new types of wagers become possible.

As you gain levels you can mentor new players, capturing a percentage of their gambling. You can create gambling events for others to play, putting up prizes and even charging entrance fees. You can gamble your way to political office, becoming governor of an island, and exercising the powers that go with the office.

I've made every game in Dragon's Tale unique: There is not a single slot machine or blackjack table to be found. But you can tip cows for money, run monkeys through mazes, feed ducks, go fishing, drink, smoke, 60+ different games in all, and new ones are being added all the time. Sort of a Disneyland for gamblers.

We're going to Beta on Friday, 12:00 Noon EDT with native clients for Linux, Windows and OSX.

Submission + - airlines turning pilots into 'computer geeks who can't fly' (naturalnews.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: airlines turning pilots into 'computer geeks who can't fly' says commercial pilot

Airlines are trying to dumb down the pilots
"The bigger the plane, the worse the pilot," he told me. "The airlines are trying to dumb down most of the entire fleet, and the pilots are losing all their flying skills. They don't want pilots; they want computer geeks instead of someone who can actually fly. The stick-and-rudder skills go to hell in a hand basket when you don't actually fly the plane."

The SFO flight 214 accident was likely caused by the pilot relying on the auto-throttle, Pilot X explained to me. "There's too much reliance on the auto-throttle. If you're a real pilot, you can do much better than the auto-throttle by running the power yourself to stay in line with whatever approach you're making."

Submission + - Irish Bankers caught on tape .. (therealnews.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: I have Ireland, all of Ireland summed up in a few snippets of tape recordings that have emerged, in which the top executives of a bank called Anglo Irish, whose frauds drove the Irish financial crisis, have finally been revealed--of course not by investigators for the government, who are busy not even knowing these tapes existed, supposedly, for four years, but because the media has finally started releasing these tapes.

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