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Submission + - Merchants of Doubt - why we are sooo stoopid

FreedomFirstThenPeac writes: The movie, Merchants of Doubt reveals the concerted efforts that were used to push the Republicans away from the science of (first) tobacco risks, the later climate change. The highlights are three, they are. (1) The film does not blame just Fox — CNN and MSNBC take hits too. (2) The deep issue is exposed to be one of freedom vs centrally controlled command-and-control methods. Conservatives and Libertarians HATE the nanny-state, Big Tobacco (and later, Big Oil) leveraged that hate to create a tribal barrier to believing in the science. (3) Micheal Shermer makes an extended cameo, as he describes his transition from his natural state (a skeptic) to one of agreeing with the science.

The first point is mostly useful to go against the myth that Fox is the only evil (or stupid) media in the room. The second point is why we should be looking into the free-market solutions such as the one that the Citizens Climate Lobby espouses. The third point provides a useful story arc (skeptic-to-believer is a natural conservative path) when trying to show Republicans a path out of the corner they have been painted into.

Submission + - Can't sleep? Maybe it not just those powerdrinks!

FreedomFirstThenPeac writes: SciAm reported that late night video, especially the "I'll just read my tablet so sweetie can sleep" variety, might be to blame for sleeplessness. It re-programs your circadian rhythms through your primary EM coding interface (eyeballs). So now I'll be wearing blue-suppressing sunglasses to bed, think that'll get noticed?

  1. The first ref is the SciAm article Bright Screens Could Delay Bedtime
  2. The second is a what's what list of great references from the literature f.lux sleep research site

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