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Survey Shows That Fox News Makes You Less Informed Screenshot-sm 1352

A survey of American voters by World Public Opinion shows that Fox News viewers are significantly more misinformed than consumers of news from other sources. One of the most interesting questions was about President Obama's birthplace. 63 percent of Fox viewers believe Obama was not born in the US (or that it is unclear). In 2003 a similar study about the Iraq war showed that Fox viewers were once again less knowledgeable on the subject than average. Let the flame war begin!
The Internet

Submission + - Kidnapping, Theft and Rape Are Not "Cyber" Crimes ( 1

netzar writes: CAUSE executive director, Neil Schwartzman, in a post on CircleID urges governments and law enforcement to treat cyber crime as what it really is: 'crime': "When someone is mugged, harassed, kidnapped or raped on a sidewalk, we don't call it 'sidewalk crime' and call for new laws to regulate sidewalks. It is crime, and those who commit crimes are subject to the full force of the law. For too long, people have referred to spam in dismissive terms: just hit delete, some say, or let the filters take care of it. Others — most of us, in fact — refer to phishing, which is the first step in theft of real money from real people and institutions, as 'cyber crime.' It's time for that to stop. ... This isn't just email. This isn't a war. This isn't "cyber." This is crime.

Submission + - Bittorrent to Replace Standard Downloads?

Max Sayre writes: "Have you ever tried to download an operating system update only to have it fail and have to start all over? What about patches for your favorite games? World of Warcraft already uses Bittorrent technology as a way to distribute large amounts of content at a lower cost to the company and faster speeds to all of their clients. Torrents are totally in these days. So why haven't they replaced the standard downloading options built into any major OS? No more anxious waiting as download speeds begin to drop... 95% done and you can update all of those servers, 96% or play your current gaming addiction, only to have the connection drop, download die, or power go out. Who knows? Companies like Opera are including the downloading of torrents in their products already and extensions have been written for Firefox to download torrents in-browser. Every day Bittorrent traffic is growing. So why do we insist on prolonging user suffering with these failed downloads? In many countries bandwidth is still at a premium and capped usage limits apply to everyone. Replacing the standard 'download' function in all the major operating systems with default torrenting functionality would see an end to a plague some feel are a punishment worse than death. Failed downloads would no longer be a risk where bandwidth is scarce.

Sites like OpenBittorrent already exist and DHT doesn't even require a tracker. So why isn't everyone doing it? Is it finally time to see all downloads replaced with Bittorrent?"

Submission + - HP to discontinue OOW chat and email support 1

An anonymous reader writes: Up until now, if you had an out of warranty HP computer and called in to HP for support, you would either be offered HP's fee-based phone support (a minimum charge of $49.99), or you would be referred to free online e-mail and chat support. Now, HP is doing away with their free online support technicians altogether. Starting September 28th, you will no longer be able to use the internet-based chat and e-mail support currently available at for out of warranty computers. This leaves those out of warranty customers not wanting to pay for support the options of either using HP's self-help forums, or digging through tons of poorly indexed support documents to get the support they need. No interactive support whatsoever will be provided for out of warranty customers for free.

No notifications or press releases have been made about this; HP doesn't want to make it too well known that they are stopping this service (in fact, this information comes from an inner-office memo at one of HP's US-based call centers that specifically states that HP will not be making a public announcement). On September 28th, the current HP chat website will be updated to ask for the serial number and product number of the HP computer being used. This information will be used to perform a warranty entitlement check, and if the customer's PC is listed as out of warranty, they will be directed to call HP for fee-based phone support, or to visit HP's self-help forums.

HP apparently wants to send the message that if your computer is out of warranty, they don't care if it gets fixed or not... just like every other corporation, they care more about making a dollar than about quality customer care.

Submission + - HDCP Master Key leaked by (

An anonymous reader writes: HDCP MASTER KEY!

This is a forty times forty element matrix of fifty-six bit hexadecimal numbers.
To generate a source key, take a forty-bit number that (in binary) consists of twenty ones and twenty zeroes; this is the source KSV. Add together those twenty rows of the matrix that correspond to the ones in the KSV (with the lowest bit in the KSV corresponding to the first row), taking all elements modulo two to the power of fifty-six; this is the source private key.
To generate a sink key, do the same, but with the transposed matrix. "

the Code is found on

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