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Comment Re:This could go both ways (Score 4, Interesting) 230

I imagine they would get a copyright on the derivative work, but not the original image. This seems to me like a good idea, with two caveats: 1 - If, after a diligent search, the owner comes forward and is able to prove they own the copyright, they should be able to receive a fair, standard rate compulsory license fee. 2 - If, after a search designed to not find the real owner, the owner comes forward, the compulsory license should have a much higher punitive rate. Also, keep in mind that just because you can use a picture, doesn't mean you have the likeness rights to the people in that picture. That's bit a few companies with Creative Commons licensing.

Comment Re:Right, because BS is a thorough refutation (Score 2) 366

Or this hypothetical. Is abusing the GPL wrong? If so, why is that wrong and piracy is okay? At a high level, it's the exact same issue - someone says "I've produced this intellectual property, I want other people to do this or not do that with it", and someone else says "too bad, I'm going to do what I want. Deal with it".

Illegally appropriating GPL code ISN'T THEFT EITHER.

Theft is a very specific thing. Copyright infringement is another, but different, very specific thing.

Whether or not you believe them morally identical isn't relevant. Your assumption that people complaining that copyright infringement isn't theft are thereby excusing copyright infringement is flawed. That discussion is completely orthogonal.

Comment Re:Sounds legit (Score 1) 292

On behalf of my fellow Brits I would like to apologise, and assure you that henceforth we shan't abbreviate the full term, perambulator. Let's face it: pushing an overloaded baby carriage (including baby, nappy bags, bottles, snacks, toys, etc.) is a long way from being the "leisurely walk" for which the word "stroller" would be appropriate.

perambulate: verb

Walk or travel through or around (a place or area), esp. for pleasure and in a leisurely way.


Comment Every new generation (Score 5, Interesting) 543

"Hey the PS2 is going to prevent you from playing used games!"

Oops, no, you can just fine...

"Hey, the PS3 is going to prevent you from playing used games!"

Nope, wrong again...

"Hey, the next Xbox is going to prevent you from playing used games!"

At this point, I'm convinced it's just a way for the hardware people to wrangle a little bit extra developer support before launch, where inevitably they aren't stupid enough to do something that would alienate their core market...

Comment Re:'All in one media player' exists already... (Score 4, Informative) 266

Not trolling, but how's 1080p x264 playback with that setup? I have a Popcorn Hour A100 (old-school) that does it all except DTS audio... :\


The important bit to note is the ION. If you have a NVidia GPU, you can use the Live or Linux (And at this point, I think the Windows version supports GPU acceleration) versions, and if you enable VDPAU (Or the Windows equivalent), and it will happily accelerate the video. I get full 1080p playback with no dropped frames or stuttering on a Asus AspireRevo that is almost completely silent.

Submission + - Saccharin can be used to fight Asian Soybean Rust (ufl.edu)

FrYGuY101 writes: Saccharin, the artificial sweetener used in diet drinks and other consumer products, has an unexpected sweet agricultural benefit: It helps soybean plants ward off a disease that threatens the entire soybean industry, University of Florida researchers say. If the sugar substitute performs as well in the field as it did in the lab, it may give farmers a cost-effective weapon in the fight against Asian soybean rust, an invasive fungal disease that appeared in the continental U.S. in 2004 and is now a major grower concern.

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