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Submission + - Teen Finds Undiscovered Mayan City From His Bedroom (telegraph.co.uk)

Fortunato_NC writes: In 2012, the Internet was full of rumors about Mayan calendars predicting the imminent end of the world. While the end times failed to materialize, the flurry of publicity sparked William Gadoury's interest in the Mayan culture. At the age of 15, he developed a theory that Mayan cities were aligned to constellations in the night sky, and he used his theory to discover the remains of a lost Mayan city using Google Maps.

Comment "Don't Be Evil" in action, I guess... (Score 1) 477

Now that it's been firmly established that Google will remove content that courts in whatever $COUNTRY deem blasphemous, I suppose it's only a matter of time before places like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Texas start to get in on the action and start censoring content they find offensive, like journal articles on evolutionary biology or pictures of women driving. Way to put (outdated) ideas over people's fundamental rights, Google.

Comment Re:Windows 8 (Score 1) 59

I know I'm feeding the troll but...

I'm running the Windows 8 developer preview (64-bit) on a five and a half year old laptop. Granted, I kicked the RAM up to 4GB ($44 shipped from NewEgg) and replaced the Core Duo with a Core 2 Duo (a T5600, $25 used on fleabay buy it now), but it runs well at 1900x1200 on hardware I basically rescued from the dumpster. You need to update your stock lines and stop mindlessly bashing.

Comment Re:Let the finger-pointing begin (Score 0) 464

This is the same thing a misbehaving child does when he's about to get paddled.

"But Billy did it toooooooooooooooooooooo!"

Grow up already. This is the future of humanity we are talking about here, not a couple of children refusing to share some toys. Regardless of what China and India do, we are screwed unless the US reduces its carbon output. The difference is that we already have the resources and the technology to do something about it, our population is just a bunch of whining brats who can't accept that we can't go on the way we are going. I can't believe that you have the audacity to insist that over two billion people in China and India must be forced to remain impoverished and underdeveloped before you'll be willing to pay slightly higher taxes on the gasoline and electricity that enables you to live in a McMansion in the suburbs. Actually, I can believe it, I just don't want to.

Damn it.

Comment You expected something different? (Score 1) 287

Teens who spend 3 hours plus on Facebook a day and send 120 plus texts a day have more sex than those who don't? You're kidding?

Who would have ever thought that teens who spend more time maintaining their social relationships than their peers ended up having sex more often than those who didn't?

Next you'll be shocking us with the revelation that frequent texting is inversely correlated with library card use and Quiz Bowl participation.

Comment Something will topple Facebook... (Score 5, Insightful) 293

It might be open source, or it might not be, but eventually, someone will come along with a "better Facebook than Facebook", and it will slowly die.

That's just creative destruction at work. It ALWAYS happens.

Facebook was a better MySpace than MySpace.
MySpace was a better Friendster than Friendster.
Friendster was a better Classmates.com than Classmates.com. ...and so on...

Google was a better Altavista than Altavista.
AOL Instant Messenger was a better ICQ than ICQ.
USENET was a better BBS than old-school dialup bulletin board.
Books were better scrolls than scrolls.

Something newer and better is going to come along. People talk about Facebook and the network effect "locking in" people, but creative destruction is even more powerful than the network effect.

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