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Journal FortKnox's Journal: My Son Joey, the Human Pincussion 2

Yesterday at 4:30, Joey became the human pincussion. The wife didn't want to even watch, so I had the honor of holding him down for four shots. Its a scream I've never heard from him (and hope I never have to hear again, but in two months, he's got two more vaccines), and he was really sore all day.

We fed him right after being shot, which calmed him down and put him into a good sleep, but he woke up about two hours later and was inconsolable. It took a little tylenol and more feeding to get him back to sleep. Poor guy. Anyway, he woke up today is regular self, which was a relief to me and the wife. He even smiled for us a couple times this morning which was mucho-reassuring.

Doctor says he looks like a million bucks, weighs 14lbs (95 percentile for his age), 26.5" long (90%), and 12" head diameter (65%). So he's big and chubby with a small head?

Anyway, to the meat of the problem, I asked our doctor about the DTP shot. She said that most SIDS studies are made with a Pertussis vaccine from the 70s. It also had a major issue with causing seisures (looks like its the shot I took when I was a newborn). Also, for every SIDS study, there's a study proving no relationship between the shot and SIDS. Anyway, the newer DTP shots were better, but they use the brand new DTaP (the 'a' is an acellular vaccine. Instead of dead cells, its dead PARTS of cells). She said the side effects are so rare with the new shot that they haven't been able to quantify the percent of children that experience them.

That was reassuring enough for me, so I thought I'd pass along the news.
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My Son Joey, the Human Pincussion

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  • First, I think that is the only four shot visit. Kinda screwy that it's the worst and it's the first. Me, I never had a problem with Joseph (for us, it's Joseph of Joe, never Joey:) getting shots or in any other way enduring pain that will make things better. Not some macho BS, just trying to be pragmatic. He did get a fever from every round of shots in the first year. Tylenol did the trick.

    But the good news is that your pediatrician will talk to you. Sounds like a good find. Also sounds like the doc is informed.

  • It's tough to find a kid who won't cry upon getting shots at that age. It's happened to all of my siblings, and those vaccinations are the worst. They're just about guaranteed to give a kid a fever, and I'm guessing you've seen that now. It's perfectly normal, though, no matter how much your parental instincts might tell you otherwise.

    Good call on the food though... I never thought of that one.

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