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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Messed up GI Joes 6

If you are into nonsense humor (as in, things messed up and you find that funny), check out the messed up "learning is half the battle" GI Joes. I've seen a couple more, so I'll have to dig around for the rest. Some are pretty funny.

Oh, and a warning, some use some heavy language, so it isn't something to watch at work.

Update: D'oh... I found the original site:
Fensler Film, but it looks like hasboro got all up in his business... too bad. :-(

Looks like has them. All flash and annoying, but they are all there... here is a direct link.
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Messed up GI Joes

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  • by ellem ( 147712 ) *
    this is great...

    You didn't steal anything out of our tents did you?

    Body massage?


    Fucking brilliant
    • Yum! Pork Chops!

      The best is when they make the marine gay'er than.... well than something really gay.
      • The best is when they make the marine gay'er than.... well than something really gay.

        You mean Gung Ho? In some cases (like Shipwreck) parodies aren't required for gayness.

        I like the one where Barbeque (the firefighter) appears and only speaks in buzzes and computer-like noises, then disintigrates one of the kids.

        Or the one where Blowtorch (the flame-thrower guy) comes into the burning kitchen all freaking out screaming things like. "What the fu.. You kids... get the fuck out."

        Damn brain, it can remembe
  • get all of those off of the site before hasbro caught on to them.

    And I still have all of them. If somebody needs a copy of one or two that they cant get ( doesn't seem to work for me), I can gmail it to them.
  • IANAL and all that, but sure as hell looks like parody to me []...and unless I'm seriously mistaken, Fenslerfilm didn't make a dime off of it, so this looks like fair use.

    I too was lucky enough to see them before Hasbro caught on, though.



    • Ah...I see now that they were seeking money off of the videos. Still looks like a parody to me, though...same reason Jib-Jab shoulda been free and clear, except for the minor problem of having less money for lawyers.



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