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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Quick Update 6

Wife still pregnant.

Brother's wife gave birth to my niece, Maya! I made a quickie site about it here with the pics of the baby[1] and her cradle[2]... Apparently everything went practically perfectly with them so its exciting to see new parents on my side of the family (can't get too cheesy with it... my brother reads my /. journal).

Since it was around 60F here today (someone needs to tell the weather its still Feburary!), I got out the scope. Got some fantastic gazing in! Really got some neat views of the moon today. Still haven't been able to adjust to view saturn, but I'm definately learning more each time I go out to view...

'Dress for success' has seen some change. Not in people I currently work with, but those who I have to call for support and strangers. When I talk to someone who is a support person that gives my coworkers trouble (rude, whatever) brownnose the sh*t outta me! Seriously! People (that I don't know) are treating me like someone very important. I like it! First impressions kick ass ;-)

[1] You'll notice the difference between the top two pics and the rest? My bro has become quite the photographer, taking some classes in it and all. It really shows!
[2] Yes, my Dad is quite the craftsman... was a carpenter for 14 years. Built it from wood and a blueprint... what's worse? The picture gives it no justice. He made it with quality wood and had it stained and finished. Also, he built two: That one is for Maya, and we have one for Jenna! We have a pic of ours with us behind it, but Joey is sick and has a nasty runny nose, and the background is our VERY messy room, so it isn't being shown :-P
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Quick Update

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  • Were those two top pictures taken with a digital camera? If so, which one? Yes, I know just picking the right camera isn't going to get those pictures, but I'm wondeirng what camera he uses that allows him to set various options to get that sort of picture. If that makes any sense.

    • yeah, it was digital. Its my bros. I'll get the stats. I'm guessing its gonna be one of those over $1k types, though... so be warned.
  • Where are you going for your viewing?

    Just wondering, because there's some cool places nearby that have some dark skies. The place I normally visit is Caesar's Creek, north of Cincinnati. On a good night there's usually 4 or 5 people there with some pretty nice equipment you can borrow a look.
  • Did he turn the spindles on a lathe as well? I don't mean to sound skeptical, just impressed if he did. Regardless, a fine piece of work.
    • The spindles and the ends, I believe, were premade and he got them from the hardware store (they are for a stair banister). Other than that, it was done from scratch. I should put in closeup of the joints and everything. He really put his heart into it, you could tell...
  • Both the precious little angel and the finely crafted cradle.

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