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Journal FortKnox's Journal: The Masked Grader 9

OK, you are in the physics building, see a whole stack of graded papers from some <101 level physics class... actually essays for physics... would you pick them up... add comments to the papers, then return them?

The adventures of the Masked Grader! After reading #7 I actually had to walk away from my computer to regain control and catch my breath.... just a warning...
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The Masked Grader

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  • by arb ( 452787 )
    I read through a handful of those - there's 5 minutes of my life I'll never see again! Maybe it's just me but I thought some were borderline chuckle-worthy at best. I didn't see anything really funny in that lot. He could've written some much better/funnier comments on the papers. 8-/

    Hey - shouldn't you be working on Unread instead of reading this stuff? ;-)
    • ditto and ditto.

      THe papers themselves were rife with comedic gold; but like most BMEs I knew, this guy has no imagination and not one iota of creativity.

      D- (see me after class!)
  • Granted, the papers were awful, but *some* of the comments were just being mean, rather than pointing out the shortcomings of the papers.

    Granted, most of the papers read more like 6th grade papers than college - egads, the English paper I wrote the morning the assignment was due when I was swacked out on antihystamines was better than this - at least I used a friggin' word processor (and this was back in 1986, on my Atari 800XL!)

    The thought of turning in ANY writing assignment in longhand rather than type
  • The Assignment
    The Grades
    The Guy who commented
  • I will soon start attending college fifteen years after graduating high school, and it's nice to see some assurance that the young whippersnappers won't make me look *too* bad by comparison (unless run-on sentences count; they don't, do they?).
  • I am dying over here. I would be starving without the microwave? LOL!
  • "In 100 years we have gone from teaching Latin and Greek in high school to teaching Remedial English in college."
    -- Joseph Sobran
  • by http ( 589131 )
    So Much
  • Too bad I waited till Monday to try to see them.

"May your future be limited only by your dreams." -- Christa McAuliffe