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GameCube (Games)

Journal FortKnox's Journal: Finished Prime 2 13

All I can say is, THAT is how a metroid should end. And, for those that are playing... make sure you have 75% of stuff (scans, missiles, powerbombs, energy tanks, etc...). It helps the end.

Definately try to get the 10 powerbombs... that helps. I had all but one energy tank, which was good, cause I almost died a couple times in the final battles.
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Finished Prime 2

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  • or did those clues to the 9 Sky Temple Keys SUCK? All I got out of it was how many were in which area, and you can tell that by looking at the percentage bar in your logbook. When it says Dark Torvus Keys and the bar is all the way across, you have all of them, move on. Now that I have 4 of them, it's pretty easy to figure out what type of rooms they will be in, and of course I know how to find them once I locate the room, but putting them in weird places like underwater... that's just cruel. :-)
    • Well, you have to look for the blue-robe wearing dead luminoths (in light aether).

      From there you turn on your dark visor and you'll find the location of where the cache-creature WILL BE (its an outline).

      From there you portal into the dark aether and go to that spot, dark visor to find the cache, and voila... sky temple key.

      To help, there are 2 in each of the bog, sanctuary, and wastelands... and 3 in the temple grounds. Under water is a pretty popular spot, btw. Cause you can't go underwater until y
      • I WONDERED what those outlines were. I found one in the temple grounds where you have to double jump and walk down the path that winds around the room and then there's nothing there.
  • I still haven't managed to finish Prime 1...have to finish that before moving on to 2 ya know.
    • FYI - I found prime 2 a lot more challenging to prime 1. So its a pretty tough game, especially in the beginning (which I didn't mind... I like to work hard to get to the end).

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