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Video Game Exclusivity Deals

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  • Nice timing, I actually just got done reading PA when the email notice for your posting hit :)

    I've heard that this exclusive crap is an American made thing. In particular in cell phone service, how In Europe your phone isn't tied to a company's service plan ( as it should be), but only to the hardware they use PCS vs GSM (sp?) for instance.

    have I heard wrong?
  • For example EA is the only company that can make a MLB Baseball Game (using the MLB logos, teams, etc.) But another studio could still make a Baseball game licensed by the Players Assoc (using all the players names and stats.)

    But I would tend to agree that this is bad. Especially if EA has a revolt of Sr. Developers or something.
    • EA has the NFL deal. Take Two has the MLB deal.

      The NFL deal means you can't use the NFL logo or any of the team names. I think the Players association may, or may not be associated with this. If it is, any other football game wouldn't sell at all. What's the point of getting an NFL game? To play with your fav team and try to get them to the superbowl. Without the team you lose 90% of your audience. Without the players, you lose another 9%.

      No competition... no need to improve your game. So I'll b
      • What's the point of getting an NFL game?

        Here's a thought: buy a game that has fun gameplay features instead of just names. You can call the players any fucking thing you want anyway, so why pay for a shitty game just because it makes the naming "official"?

        On the other hand, I don't have favorite sports teams, so I wouldn't care about the particular teams/players anyway. For some reason, I thought it was about the game, but I can see I'm being naive.
        • On ANY OTHER type of game, I'm with you 100%. But on my football game, I want to play the Steelers, and make sure they stomp the Pats.

          I want to improve my team by removing guys that are old and expensive and get some players off other teams to see if they'd work in the Steeler jerseys.

          Now, if someone was to come out with a new football game where you can design and create and setup each player, team, stadium, etc... and be able to get the info off the net, it'd be worth trying. That way you can do the
      • So I'll be buying Madden 2k6 for $50 next year only to get a roster update. Sad, isn't it?

        Is it really that important to have updated rosters? I can see wanting to have real teams and decent gameplay, but for a roster update? Granted I'm not a big sports person, but if there weren't gameplay enhancements there's no way they'd wring even half that out of me for a new roster.

        If enough people rebel if improvements aren't delivered it might make a difference. I'm guessing the sports leagues have been paid a fl

        • I'll be forking over $50 even if its just a roster update. Why? Cause two years ago the Steelers secondary sucked. Madden hasn't improved it at all even though it improved last year. This year, it was the best defense in the league. That's reason #1.

          Reason #2 is Ben Roethlisburger. First round draft pick this year. Was forced into playing by the starters injury. Won games and is the best rookie QB to come into the NFL since Dan Marino.
          In the 2005 game that I have, I still don't have a decent defe
      • Actually, you know, coming to think about what this means, you could be paying $60 next year for a roster update. Since EA has no competition for some obscene number of years, people that want the latest versions will be entirely at EAs mercy. And if the leagues can do what they do with ticket and concession prices, what's to say EA can't milk this deal a little harder.

        Sega's getting out of the sports games apparently. Do you know if there's going to be any other publishers doing decent sports games, or wil

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