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Journal FortKnox's Journal: A Classic Slashdot Article! 6

This is one from today in the developers section. Its about Stroustrup taking a job at Texas A&M. Read the article. Now look at all the links. There is no proof in ANY of the links about anything the article says (which has been pointed out in a comment and modded up).

Now read this comment. Wow. I never saw those two links before (I, especially, like the second link, which is michael saying someone was rude to him). Good stuff.

Addendum: Google search showed no evidence of what the article claims.
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A Classic Slashdot Article!

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  • why I am not going to pay for Slashdot, ever. Of course I read it for some news and rumors. But I don't agree with CmdrTaco's idea of '15 stories per day should be enough' and Slashdot's general approach to our submissions - for 'journalists of the new economy' they are simply too amateurish. Hah! "Creating value by giving subscribers extra privileges".. If they would only improve their own work.
  • Don't mind michael, he's just a troll. Seriously, from what I've read of his comments to various users, but what do you care? You're just a kid who needs to get out more. :)
  • While your complaints about the slashdot article still stand, there are now a few comments from people (who claim to be) at Texas A&M who say that they received an announcement today. e.g. 96&cid=3857309 []
  • Instead of whining about /. being by so bad all the time, why don't you spend some more time on some place a little more worthy (like Kuro5hin). It's not like /. is part of the government and we have any real say in anything they do (not that we have much control over the government itself). So instead of complaining about a bad product, why not just use a good product? Seriously.

This is clearly another case of too many mad scientists, and not enough hunchbacks.