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Don't Eat It!

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  • Not many things make me laugh that hard.

    Best quote so far "There is also a red starburst proudly proclaiming "Nuevo Envase de Vidrio Reusable". Not knowing much Spanish, I could only assume that meant "Oh Crap -- A Jar of Skin!""
  • I have one final theory about the expiration date. It has nothing to do with the beans. If you eat this product, that's the day you will die.
  • That guy's whole blog is funny. Thanks for the linkage. There was some danger of productivity before you sent it.
  • My tummy from laughing, that is...

    I've had natto before. It's just as nasty as described. The stinginess of the goo is a sight to behold. It's like some miracle polymer that you can keep stretching until it's just a single chain of molecules.
  • The guy drank breastmilk. Cool. Takes a real man to do that.

    Although, I wonder if we shouldn't be trying to give it to cancer patients and stuff -- they're finding that it kills cancer cells. I wonder if I might be able to market myself like a milk cow, if I can just keep lactating long enough for the results clinical trials to come back! ;-)


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