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Christmas Cheer

Journal FortKnox's Journal: What did ya get? 33

Well, Christmas has come and gone. Hope everyone had a good time. So what did everyone get?
My main two presents were:
A nice 76mm (about 3in) reflector telescope. Tried to take it out in below zero tempatures the night of Christmas, but the only thing I could see was the moon, and it was so hazy, I could only see the seas and ranges on the 20mm lens (all the other lenses, including the barrow were too distorted from the haze). Due to the cold, everyone else was a big wimp and didn't come out and check out the moon.... wusses.

I also got a waffle iron from my inlaws. Wanted that for a looong time. Unfortunately the handle broke, so the waffles will wait until tomorrow.

Joey made out like a bandit (seeing as he'll be the 'only' grandson on my side for about 2 months, then he's one of three). Two Thomas the train wooden trainsets (Mr.Zimmerman may like it even though its not the old school Lionels). He also got the V-Smile (though the games get pretty tough pretty fast... the 3-5 age range ones! Oh well, he'll figure it out over time), and the keyboard (and a ton of little stuff). I'd say the trains and keyboard were big hits for him.

Anywho, I was lucky when I travelled. Knew a blizzard was coming so I left the night before to get to my parents. Got snowed in there, but the roads were in great shape when I came home monday. Now I have the inlaws over and things are simply peachy.

I got pictures of everything from Joey openning presents to the snow covering up the trees. Will be posting them tonight most likely, so if interested, keep an eye out for a JE with them in it.

So... what did ya'll get for Christmas?
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What did ya get?

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  • I got a lot of cash (great for saving up while building), a cool laser level, and a waffle iron. I also got a nice kinetic watch for graduation.

    As far as the blizzard goes, my parents got hit pretty hard by it... (they're still in Picktown). We didn't get much in Toledo, maybe 10 inches. Anyway.. I still have a few gifts under the tree- we're going to celebrate over new years.
  • I got everything I wanted, including a Nintendo DS and Metroid Prime 2.

    Like yours, my kid is an only grandson (will be so for the forseable future) and he got tons of crap. The coolest being the several sets of Magnetix, those things are fun.
  • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
    the gift that keeps on giving, as I sit here in my underwear at home coughing up parts of my lung. Uhhnggh, I think it is time to go back to bed.
  • Two pair of slacks, a weight bench, a couple books I had asked for, and lots of photos of family. :-)

  • I got the new U2 album, which is really really good. I don't have many albums that I could use the "replay entire cd" feature, but this is one of those. I got a couple of music books that I had been wanting, David Harps' blues harmonica (really fun), and a $50 gift certificate to Tower Records.
    • I actually went to Tower on Christmas. We got bored, and read they were open and having a huge sale. It wasn't crowded, and we picked up a few books, a CD, and a calendar. The one thing we wanted, "Napolean Dynimite" was sold out though...
  • Although I don't celebrate the holidays people saw fit to supply gifts.
    Here's the breakdown:
    A pair of pants
    An 18 piece pack of Sharpie markers
    10 12-gauge shells
    30 rounds of 7.62mm ammo
    A wallet
    Extra battery for night vision
    And a 10-rifle gun safe. [sentrysafe.com]

    That last one is one of the reasons that I dislike the surprise aspect for gifts, especially for fairly high-priced goods. Not celebrating the holidays, I don't really register the potential of recieving presents, especially high-priced items.

    I'd been looking in
    • whoa, so basically what you are saying, is that when we finally get to nuclear winter the only things left will be cockroaches and you.
      • Hopefully, that won't happen. But never hurts to be prepared unless the government thinks you're a little too prepared.

        And if it does happen, hopefully it won't in the next 3 - 4 months. Because that's when my budget says I can get the NBC* gear I've been looking at.

        NBC = Nuclear/Biological/Chemical in the event the acronym was unfamiliar. And it's protective, defensive, and detection gear, not offensive.
    • Hmmmm....I was thinking about going to that gun and knife show this weekend. But, it comes down to that I am not sure if I "need" to go.

      I can always window shop, but it isn't quite as fun with Bodak out of town this week. But I am trying to convince myself not to spend any big money on anything until my birthday in May unless either a) it becomes something I need, or b) I find a deal I can't pass up.
  • that was my primary gift because originally i was just going to be alone this holiday.

    but i got some chocolates, some explosives (hehehe... yeah fireworks, i'm not shitting you), a little owl figure that is currently keeping my paper cranes company. um, oh yeah a bottle of The Force (from richard).

    what else, i think that's pretty much it... which, hey you know what? i think i had the *best* christmas! i wouldn't trade it for *anything* !!

  • A set of sockets, screwdrivers and pliers for my minimal apartment handiwork.

    Der Kreig by Otto Dix. His collection of WWI trench prints he made while serving in that war. Works such as "Comrades" which is two rotting corpses in no man's land jabbering at each other.

    A book of Georg Grosz's Berlin watercolors. Expressionism is my ish.

    Conceived in Darkness by Troubled Americans a collection of McSweeney's humor. I already had the faux Fellowship of the Rings DVD commentary by Noam Chomsky and Alan Zin
    • one of the few good things about st louis is the art museum. if you're ever there, do yourself a favor and check it out. they have a really good collection of german art. expressionism is certainly covered. some of my favorite paintings is there. one is brennstaebe (burning rods/nuclear fuel rods) by anselm kiefer. there is more of kiefer's work as well. man uses molten lead like paint. there's also some good abstract work from gerhard richter. i have utmost respect for richter because he has been
      • Kiefer is more often good than bad for me. I appreciate his crafting of technique to concept. It is rarely a display of acumen with material. And when it works well, it has the effect of a blurred vision. There is one of his at Cleveland which looks like the gates of Auschwitz at dusk.

        I remember hearing one tale about him that I quite enjoyed: one of his works, during moving from one display space to another (in a museum I can't remember) had some parts of it fall of (I belief it was a collection of l
  • Which is fine with me. The last two of the Dark Tower series, which I will get to one of these days (I'm currently enmeshed in Wizard and Glass (IMHO, one of the coolest titles ever)). The latest by Roger Penrose [amazon.com]. I don't always agree with him (cf. The Emperor's New Mind), but he's nearly always worth reading. The Art of Humane Living [barnesandnoble.com], which looks very interesting. The ROTK extended edition DVD. Several packages of wild rice, one of my favorite foods, from Trader Joe's (which is unfortunately not in D
  • I got to see my kinfolk. My mother got me a shirt that fits, my sister handed me a whack of loot (she accepted a contract on my birthday last year that has turned into a full gravy train for her. Three of my five brothers were able to make it.
  • what's with waffle irons this year? seems like everyone got one but me. but my mom is gonna get me one, just not for christmas =(
  • Well I purchased a 2003 VW Passat Wagon. My wife and I needed a second car after moving out of San Francisco to Sacramento. So for X-Mas she bought me the VW PhatBox [phatnoise.com]. It's actually a nifty MP3 player that interfaces perfectly with the stock VW stereo. It uses voice prompts to tell you what you listening to based on the ID3 tags. Imagine my surprise as the voice prompt is telling me: "Current Genre is GANGSTA RAP" or Current Artist is "The New Pornographers". I'm really getting a kick out of it. I'm
  • Uh - the biggest thing I got this year was money and gift cards towards getting a nice toolkit from Sears / Craftsman. I wound up getting a three tier / 15ish drawer model for just a hare under $300.00 and still have money to buy some tools for it after it arrives in two weeks.

    Other than that, my wife bought me a set of clubs so I can continue to golf with her, and my mother in law got me a new throne for my drum kit.

    My son is also the only grandson, so he gets hit extra hard with the responsibility of b
  • So FK, what about those hawks? Since I don't keep much, what are your predictions?
    • I have to go with my stillers for the AFC, but if my gut is right, the superbowl will be Chargers vs Falcons with the Chargers winning. I think the AFC will annihilate any NFC team this year.

      No, I don't think the Eagles will make it again this year.
  • I got Settlers of Catan, my big hope of the year. I've also gotten the opportunity to play it with family a couple times a day, so I'm a happy camper about that.

    I got some clothes, which are nice. I got some PS2 and GC games I asked for, but no GBA games, not that I have time to play too much as it is. I got some books I wanted, one on the list and a few off of it, a pleasant surprise. Movies were big, like they usually are. Return of the King extended, Shindler's List, and a couple others.

    I also got two cr

  • I say our because I'll list here what my wife got and what we received to share, too, since they are geeky things.

    For both of us to share:
    - Kyocera Finecam S5R [dpreview.com]
    - DVDs
    - Lord Of The Rings: Two Towers
    - Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King
    - Winged Migration [imdb.com] (Interesting documentary on bird migration - our cat enjoyed it as much or more than we did)

    - Treo 600 SmartPhone
    - AMD AthlonXP System upgrade
    - AMD AthlonXP 2100+ CPU
    - MSI KM2M Combo-L [msicomputer.com] Motherboard
    - 2xPC-133 512 MB SDRAM

    - AMD Athl
  • I got mostly clothes, which is great, because I needed them. I also got car parts for a tune up.

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