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Journal FortKnox's Journal: The Name Game, Take 2 50

Well, Emma is officially out... so 50% of my job is over. The wife started enjoying the names 'Samantha' (which was in the lead until a moodswing hit), 'Olivia,' and 'Julianne.'

But now the whole 'Jenna' thing is coming back. Its a long struggle, but I'll keep at it.
But, being one who is with Joey more than I, she tries to use him to her advantage. She used to tell him to point to her belly and say "Emma"... but that confused the poor kid and he started pointing to his own belly and saying "Emma." So she started asking him "What do you prefer... Jenna or Samantha" and teaching him to say "Jenna." Well, that backfired, cause he kept saying Samantha. So Saturday morning, Joey is between us on our bed and she asks him "What do you like, Jenna or Samantha"... and Joey, in his infinite wisdom, gave the best answer possible:

I like pancakes

So this gave us two insights:
1.) We are not going to name our daughter pancakes
2.) Don't ask Joey any questions when he's hungry for breakfast
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The Name Game, Take 2

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  • Pancakes wouldn't be too bad as a middle name, as most kids I knew growing up didn't like their middle name anyway;)
  • Josh, Joey, Jenna... A little too cute, perhaps. IIRC, your wife's name does not start with J, so it would not be completely unbearable. :-)
    • *sigh*

      Tell that to my parents.

      Me: Josh
      Brother: Jeremy
      Father: Jack
      Can we see where this is going yet?
      Mother: Jane
      Cat(at the time anyway): Jingles


      So we all had the initials JM except for my brother who had a middle name. So his initials were J.A.M..

      There was a point in his life when his nickname was jam.
      • My son's god parent's are referred to as the "Jay's"

        Father: Julian
        Mother: Julie
        First Son: Julian Junior (JR)
        Second Son: Joel

        What's with the J's?

        Of course - I'm a J, and so was my dad. At least my mom was C and my brother's G.
        • It's not that bad. My father, mother, two brothers and two sisters, and myself all have names that start with J. My mother divorced, remarried another J and named the son after the father. We had more fun with it than trouble (of course, we each had unique middle names until the step-dad whos initials matched mine).
  • You could name your daughter Flour, a major ingredient of pancakes, and it -sounds- close enough to a regular name...
    (http starts dodging :))
  • for Superhero alter egos

    Bruce Banner
    Clark Kent

    whole first letter th same for your kids... nah

    get rid of Jenna. Jenna is a girl who can suck dick and lick balls at the same time. Your precious, wonderful, beautiful daughter will never even see a penis (if she's like my Sophia :))

    Change that name.
    • Oh, she'll be a straight-out bull dyke lesbian then, eh? Good thinkin'!

      Samantha, Josh. Go for Samantha.

      • Samantha, Josh. Go for Samantha.

        I'm working it... I'm tryin...

        But Olivia and Julianne aren't terrible imho. I could go for either, but Samantha is pretty, but not too bad... not trashy... sounds Italian... kinda has it all.
      • Sophia will never have sex. With anyone. Ever. La la la la la la... I can't hear you. La la la la... she's beautiful not hot... la la la la la...

        I noticed you haven;t commented on my PB... clearly your jealously has made you mute.
      • Yeah, and if you have another boy some day, name him Darren. Sheesh. Not Samantha.

        AND, I'm with ellem on the Jenna one--and NOT just because of Jenna Jameson. I knew 2 Jennas in high school...bwwaaahh they were hot.

        What's the female equivalent of George? Georgina? Bertha. There you go, and you'll never have to worry about her sleeping around as I imagine a father would worry (gives me the willies and I'm not even close to having a kid). Here comes old Bertha Marotti. :)
  • by Otter ( 3800 )
    Hmmm, I kind of like that one...
    • Tis a cute pig, Olivia [] is. At least that name follows the Bill Cosby rule of naming: a kid's name must end in a vowel so it can easily be yelled :-) (Oliviaaaaaaaaa)
    • I know a lot of Olivia's - it seems it was pretty trendy in the 90's but has now fallen out of favor.

      Along the same classical sounding lines I prefer Antonia -- I much prefer the nicknames Ann, Annie, & Toni, to Ollie & Livie.

      • Antonia's a character on MAD TV who can never make a sign right. She's a little "special".

        But she's one of my favorite characters. Her and Dot. And Miss (Bunny) Swan.
  • and your son could call her Pattycakes.

    why not wait until you see her and then decide on a name ?

    • Because then they might be inclined to name her "Wrinkly Raisin"? :-) Children must be named early, to avoid additional stress in the hospital!
      • if you go in with some favorites in mind, as I believe most people do, a name may be picked from the selection. ' Wrinkly Raisin 'is a good reason to have some idea of a name in mind. My experience is with canines alone, named them for their personlity and what it brought to my mind.

        Have always thought it would be harder to name a boy than a girl.

  • I think Joey found her nickname if nothing else.
    • it will be especially fun when, in 16 years, Joey's sister is not as *ahem* developed as the rest of her gang of friends >;-)
  • ...something that ought to get submitted to Reader's Digest.
  • Seems like somebody's figuring out how to weasel themselves out of trouble while getting what it is they want. Is there future work in diplomacy ahead?

    And for the record, I second the above comment stating your daughter's nickname ought to be Pancakes. Not only is it funny, it'll be a constant and embarassing reminder for Joey when he gets older.

    Or, if Samantha wins out, you can always nickname her Samus, right? Or is that a tad too nerdy?

    • if Samantha wins out, you can always nickname her Samus, right?

      DUUUUUDE! I didn't even think of that!

      COOOL! Ultrapush for Samantha now!! :-D
      • Well, glad to help make that option more attractive. Though I have this feeling that explaining the reasoning behind the push for Samantha might not be wise until after the ink on the birth certificate has dried.
        • Though I have this feeling that explaining the reasoning behind the push for Samantha might not be wise until after the ink on the birth certificate has dried.

          Oh definately. I wanted "Luigi" for a boy, and not cause of Mario bros... I really like the name (call him "Lou" or "Louis" for short), plus its the whole italian heritage thang. Wife hated it cause she thought it was from mario bros.
    • As the (one? of the) resident celts here, I have to remind you that:
      1. Samus is a man's name (Metroid be damned)
      2. It's phonetically pronounced "SHAY-mus" (just like Sean is pronounced "Shawn". In celtic/gaelic, when a word starts with an "s" it is pronounced "sh".


      • Just a funny suggestion, didn't honestly expect FK to go for it, but more power to him.

        In defense against the first point, Sam is a man's name. Yet I've known several Samanthas that have gone by Sam or Sammy. Further there's Metroid backing that Samus would be okay for a girl to go by. In both cases it'd be a nickname that at least a fictional female has gone by.

        In defense against the second point, I was really only refering to Metroid. I'll admit that I was not aware it'd be pronounced "SHAY-mus". In my de

      • I thought SHAY-mus was spelled "Seamus". That's how a guy I know's middle name is spelled, and his family is about as Irish as it gets. :)
  • The Mrs is doing the same thing, although she and myself are pretty set on a name for if the baby is a girl (Annalina),she cant settle on a name for if it is a boy, and every time her mood changes, and everytime she reads another romance novel the name changes, Patrick, Quinn, Flyyn, Devlin, Brandon, .....Hey, side question, Why are all the characters Irish?

    but the whole process is fun, just as long as if its a boy he doesnt end up named after the main male character in a bodice ripper.
  • Here are a few of my suggestions, all from my "little black book".

    Abbie April Amanda Ashly Aspen Amber Becky Blair
    Bethany Bree Britney Carrie Cameron Candice Carli Carol Celeste Cassie Casandra Chasity Dani Dee
    Denice Devyn Deborah Emily Eve Ellie Eliza
    Fran faith Fiona

    Ok, thats all I can type right now. I would not choose any of the names above. Any girl who I hang out with is not the kind of girl you want to raise, unless you're going to move away from Cincy in 18 years :)
  • IT seems that your naming tends towards names that end with a soft "a" sound, why not try:

    Kir a
  • Samantha would be shortened to Sam. I dunno. I don't think much of that name.

    And remember, no matter how much you and your wife use the longer name, other kids will shorten it for you.

    So think about the nicknames. Think about what other kids might to do the name. Try not to stick a tragic name on a daughter. Sons can live with all sorts of adversity with their names, but daughters might not do so well...
  • Can't you just give your wife a link to the homepage of the most famous Jenna on the internet [] and put an end to that name?

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