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Journal FortKnox's Journal: I Know Why Em Left 29

I really do. It is all clear to me now.

I see the whining he is talking about. I actually have to force myself to not post nasty replies. Some occasionally leak out, so I apologize if I sent you a bad reply (I'm really a good guy at heart, just have been in a nasty mood online or something?).

Anywho, that's why I haven't been posting much. And, no, I'm not depressed or anything. In fact, I'm making a semi-major job move that will boost my career shortly (will post a JE when everythign is in place). Maybe its the stress of not having everythign set yet?
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I Know Why Em Left

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  • You got the Stripper gig! I am so proud of you.

    You thought the Carmen Electra Stripper Video Workout wouldn't work; didn't you?

    I think you owe me a beer for turning you on to it.

    Hey Congrats I really hope it works out.
  • by Otter ( 3800 )
    I got this comment last week [], thought "Gee, I hadn't realized anyone was so pro-stone computer!" and suddenly realized that I no longer see anything unusual about being addressed in that tone. Guess I've been here too long.

    In any case, I still don't understand who the hell wants a granite computer. Although a stone laptop would be cool -- I can see coming into a meeting and dropping my marble StonePad onto the table. And the people who were so irate a couple of weeks ago when I pointed out that a TiBook is

  • need to stop whining about the whining. It's going to make me start whining.
    • Yeah. And then there are the people who whine about the whining about the whining. They make me just go all into a murderous rage, let me tell you.

      I think we all really need a big group hug. Whaddya say?

      *crickets chirping*

      Very well, then. I'm hugging myself.


      (locked in a passionate embrace with himself)

      • (With tongue firmly in cheek,) it's clear that meta-whining, like meta-moderating isn't the solution to the problem. Then we'll just have meta-meta-whining as you suggest, and when will it end?

        What we need is a new board with a new whining system. A whining system that won't break.

        • The solution:

          (-1, Whining Bastard)

          'Nuff said.

          /me removes tongue from cheek



          PS: Are we there yet?

          • That's like flogging a dead horse. The best solution here seems like setting threshhold to 2, notification of replies to 2, and ignoring the crap. And for some reason, I've still got mine set to 0 on both counts. Maybe I just don't get enough crap.

            I'll chime in on are we there yet, but it's only going to work so long as the community doesn't grow out of control or the moderation system isn't broken, or possibly both. Even then, you're probably still gonna see some whining.

          • You know the story of the men who built the pharaoh's tomb, don't you?

            If not, then here goes. So there are these men that build the pharaoh's tomb. They decoreate it, paint it, drag the sarcophagus in there and then seal and conceal the entrance. And then, their heads are chopped off and their bodies dumped into the Nile to make the crocodile-gods happy.

            Of course that's not where it ends. See, the men that did the chopping know too much. So their heads get chopped off as well, and bodies dumped into the N

    • too late! ;-)

      Oh and Josh... Are we there yet? :-)

    • Swiss or Cheddar? :)
  • It has been a long time like this: I just (try to) ignore any whining. I just hope I'm not too guilty about whining myself.

    Could you give specific examples of whining?

    • Just check out my recent posting history. I'm in the middle of a real whinefest right now. Must be that time of the year.

      Oh well, can't finish without bitching at something, so here goes: it really sucks how every single position on the Tennessee Titans roster has been decimated by injuries this year. I swear the team's so banged up that they could keep the cast of ER busy for the rest of the century.
      • Hehe, I would have missed such whining: I also ignore anything about sports ;-)) (Assuming that Tennesse Titans thing is American Football, we Euro's really don't follow such stuff *grin*)
        • Hey! I'm a European and I follow the NFL, MLB and some NBA! Of course, I also support a football team too - Liverpool FC - but just because I'm not American that doesn't mean I can't enjoy American sports as much as an American can.
          • Oops.... Sorry! I always assume that someone is from the US of A on slashdot, doubly so when referring to American Sports.

            You are of course right, but to my defense: I don't follow any "European" sports either. I just never got into sports... Probably explains a lot about my physical condition ;-)

            Again, excuse me... Won't happen again (If I can remember your nick)

          • but just because I'm not American that doesn't mean I can't enjoy American sports as much as an American can.

            Yes it does. You're supposed to whine about American sports. Don't you know anything?

            • Well, after just having watched the MNF Chiefs at Titans game, I've got plenty to whine about. 35 points gifted to the Chiefs on a plate and some terrible officiating throughout - did that officiating crew ever see a yellow flag that they didn't like? - especially that final unsportsmanlike conduct "blow to the head" penalty for hitting Trent Green on his shoulder pad.

              It's bad enough that the Titans have seven or eight of their starting defense missing, half their OL out, two of their best three WRs either
      • I looked at your posting history, and can't figure out which thread you are referring to. Are referring to "burglarize" or whatever it is?
        • That amongst other things. Can you believe that someone can openly question how the Medieval Latin verb "burgare" became the modern English verb "burgle" on the basis that the former has no Ls in it but the latter does yet at the same time readily accept that the noun "burglar" is derived from that very same verb "bugare"?

          Is it me or isn't that doublethink? Accepting one thing as gospel and dismissing it as blasphemy at the same time? Bah, it's 6.30am here and I'm still ticked off about staying up all nigh
  • Has there ever been a more open, accessible, enabling communication besides the internet? With Slashdot up to some 700k accounts, it isn't really surprising that there's rampant whining.

    The cost to publish is nothing. There's no moderation intended to remove whining, contrary positions, or annoying presentation. There's no reason not to post in whatever manner a person feels fit.

    Newspapers at least have editors to filter spurious reader comments. The journalists have to take the cost to publish into account

  • I really do. It is all clear to me now.

    Which is to say, me too. :)

    Can't wait to read some good news, too! Hope the career move works out well for you!!

  • It has overstepped a level of familiarity so now the dialogue here is high school level rumor and politics. There is both a comfort level to be too intrusive and too reactionary. There is a lack of restraint considering that: the zoo is a international phenomenon where most of us have never met and share little IRL of our days outside of this website.

    And no matter how close we seem to come, this is still just a website mostly composed of lurkers, ACs, and the mildly interested. Everything projected here
    • I'm a distant ivory tower prick anyway.

      Dr. Freud will see you now. ;-)

      Other than that, what he said.

      My additional two cents: I came here originally for discourse, debate, talk and the occasional tangent of silliness. Sort of like Usenet without the rampant cross-posting, spam, idiotic flamewars and so forth. And for a while, it was good...then I despaired of the front page, and discovered and And for a while, it was good...



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