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Journal FortKnox's Journal: How to deal with an AC troll 11

Honestly, I'm a bit upset not at what the AC said in TLs journal (it was crass, rude, and evil), but the fact that most of you guys don't know how to deal with AC trolls.

What was the point of the AC comment? Was it to make a point or upset everyone? Think about it... it was most likely a troll, intent to draw your ire and cause upset. Then sit and watch the replies fly in.

What happens when the replies fly in? Successful target, check back and troll often in hopes to succeed again. Its like a two year old checking his boundries. If you simply ignore it... even if it upset you... even if it made you mad.... the person will eventually get bored and move on to another person. Sure, some can be persistant, but they usually go away (check all my past JEs... trust me, I had SEVERAL AC and crapflood trolls that all eventually gave up).

Now, unfortunately, that there have been many JEs about it, the AC views the situation and people affected as a goldmine. You will have to start posting as 'no foe' (or f & fof only). Cause it'll simply go from bad to worse.

Hopefully this JE will teach you guys to simply ignore them and they will go away (and I'm sure that this JE will start getting an influx of AC trolls just for mentioning this, so call it a 'test').

The only time I usually respond to a troll is when I'm completely unaffected by what they say, so that I can tease them about it. I call that fair game ;-)

Update: Safety Cap has a great analogy for trolls here. Its a response to a message I wrote that I made just before this JE that sums up this JE.
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How to deal with an AC troll

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  • here. [] Not AC.
  • I pretty much said the same thing in KshGoddess' Journal []

    Just ignore the trolls, they'll get bored and go away.
  • totally, completely out of this loop... glad to see:


    still good advice
  • Upstage the bastards! Seems to work, too, they're blinded by my wit and unable to respond. :)

    • The most effective method for dealing with AC trolls is to go beyond just ignoring them and continue the thread as if they had never posted. By posting messages pertinent to and a continuation of prior messages, that make absolutely no mention of the troll, you help keep attention on the real topic of the thread. Don't respond to comments about the troll - just stick to the topic.
  • by grub ( 11606 )

    I'm way out of the loop. Tried reading about the history but it seems several levels deep. Anyone care to reply with a synopsis?
  • There were 8 anonymous coward posts in the journal entry in question. I think it's clear from the context that there were at least 2-3 posters, and that at least one of them had a quite reasonable dissenting view. Anonymous Coward is not synonymous with troll. I know it's easier to just dismiss them as not worth your time than to actually confront the issues that they bring up, but sometimes ACs interject some valid thoughts.

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