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  • It shouldn't be called Half Life, it should be called "No Life" or something like that :-) I haven't even seen it, just like Everquest and several other games, I am too afraid to even see what they are about.
    • Halflife isn't as bad as a MMORPG like Everquest. There is an end to Halflife... there is no end to Everquest.
      • 100% agreed. Which is why, when I finished hl2 approx. 3 days after it came out, I took a couple days off, and then started eq2.

        It's a good thing I work at a cyber cafe, otherwise I'd have some serious priority issues.
        • bastard :-)

          I am lucky to be done with the damn air boat and ready to plunge into Ravensholme.

          • Take your time... you still have a LOT of game to play, so enjoy it! The only thing I will tell you (since no one told me) was that you can use the gravity gun on the sawblades. That makes the level MUCH more fun! :-D
            • and when you run out of ammo, you can use the alt-fire on the gravity gun at close range, which is good for the head crabs (well, better than the crowbar)
            • Hmm, interesting...
              I've never played Half Life, have barely even seen a few screenshots, and I don't really have much interest in Half Life 2, but even I knew from reading part of a HL2 review (before I got bored) that it was possible to use the gravity gun on the sawblades.
              No joke.
      • **spoilers herein**

        There may be an end to Half Life 2, but I've proclaimed it the "Worst. Ending. Ever."

        Oh yes, there have been lamer endings to video games. But in Half Life 2's case, they built up this wonderful, rich storyline with an intreguing, orwellian like environment... and then ended it like that.

        I mean, at least in HL1 you got to fight this cool weird alien thingy, and who could forget how hard those jumps of doom were? In HL2 once you get the supercharged Gravity Gun its all over. It might ha
  • Slashdot is conveniently letting you get away with it.
  • You preempted my comment.

    On a side note, I sat down and spent a couple hours pondering how to make the moderation system that I described a while ago work. I think if I can hammer out a couple details it'll be reasonable on a moderate scale. The main problems look to be that there needs to be some cacheing mechanism for moderation similarities, or each comment page load could be painful. I may get bored and make a proof of concept at some point without waiting for directions for work though.


    'twas a good game last night, that's for sure
  • I'm nearly at the end of HL2, just got to stop Breen by shutting down the transporter thingy. (The ride through the Combine tower is awesome, even better than the tram-ride at the start of HL1). Been a bit preoccupied with other matters lately - I'll explain in my Journal later.

    • The game was good - but the last few levels are incredible. I just finished last night at 1AM - very worthwhile game.
  • Got those 503s all morning... I suppose this is redundant, but what causes those errors? DB crashes?


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