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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: Ricky Williams.... W-T-F?!?! 11

This just in... the NFL told Ricky Williams that he could be reinstated, would serve a 4 game suspension (last 4 games of the Dolphins this year), and could play next year in 2k5....

Quite a stretch for the NFL... allowing him back in...

Ricky Williams REJECTS THE OFFER?!?!?!?!

Of course, he'd rather persue the "holistic witchdoctor medicine" career he's currently learning. Something tells me that when he is eventually forced to pay the Dolphins the millions for breach of contract he'll want back in...

Someone get that kid back on his meds and off the maryjane...
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Football: Ricky Williams.... W-T-F?!?!

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  • When will you people stop being amazed at the childish behaviour of... Children?

    The real question is why did anyone waste a second trying to get this doped up piece of shit playing again? Oh, wait, two real questions: how does he figure he doesn't owe the Dolphins some money back?
    • Thing is, if he came back in 2005, the Dolphins wouldn't want him, and almost every other team would refuse to have him unless he was under an ultrastrict drug testing regiment and not for very much money.

      But, then again, there are teams desperate enough to take a chance with him...
      • spend cap space, a roster slot, and the effort required to design "with Ricky" and "without Ricky" offenses. Realistically speaking, between his attitude and drig testing, the odds are low that he would play more than a game or two.
      • The Raiders were rumored to be interested in him.

        But he's now thrown any chance of returning away-- the NFL went out of its way to make arrangements for him and he turned it down. They won't do it again.

    • how does he figure he doesn't owe the Dolphins some money back?

      The same way teams figure they don't owe their players money when they cut them mid contract for "cap reasons". Just ask Lawyer Malloy, Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Jason Gildon, and a whole host of other players.

      NFL has non-gauranteed contracts. That means either side can choose to void it at any point in the off-season. To combat the fact that players may get cut for injuries, illness, performance, cap ... a lot negotiate signing bonuses to
      • Explanation clears things up. FWIW, I think that is crap also. It's one thing to cut someone due to... poor performance, but to meet the salary cap? Tough cookies.

        As far as 'doing what he likes'? Hell yeah, I'd love to be 26 and smoking blunts 24/7. Unfortunately, I can't play ball or rap.
        • In Emmitt's case, I think that it really was poor performance. He's not the back that he was, though his work ethic is undiminished. I don't think that the Cowboys were exactly fair, given the marketing that they developed around his breaking the rushing record, but they were also not able to pay him what he was actually worth. It would have been nice for him to have ended his career in Dallas, perhaps as a mentor for a younger back, but it was not going to be practical from either side.

          Troy Aikman
      • I was under the impression that he had already been paid money in expectation of his playing this year, and that that was what the Dolphins wanted to recover. The way that NFL contracts are constructed (and publicized) makes it hard to tell exactly what the provisions are.
      • Ricky's contract specifically included clauses stating that if he did not play the contract out he had to return the bonus money. We're not talking about salary here, we're talking about incentives that were specifically tied to him playing out his contract.

        Quite simply, he owes them the money.

  • Besides the wanting to smoke pot and leaving his team hanging issues, I think Williams is doing the right thing.

    Too often do pro athletes try to hold on and play past their prime. In non-contact sports I really do not think it is such a big issue, the contact sports is are different. Pro football players have the lowest life expectency of all pro athletes I believe. Too many ex-footballers have serious joint or nerve conditions. How healthy is it for players to keep ballooning up like they are? Can yo

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