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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: Quick Steelers Blurb 12

There are two chances of the Steelers losing a game this season with the way they are playing:
The lesser chance is against Baltimore later in the season.

The strongest chance is against Cincinnati today. If Cincinnati can shut down the run, they have the best takeaway secondary in the league and can cause Roethlisburger to realize he is but a rookie.

Just thought I'd mention that in case they lose today. I think this is their best chance at doing it. Everytime Pittsburgh plays well, Cincinnati plays giantkiller.
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Football: Quick Steelers Blurb

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  • It should be a hell of a game in Cinci today.
  • So far, Cincy is making Big Ben look like a rookie.
    • Yeah, it was a forgettable game for Roethlisberger and the Steelers' pass blocking. As bad of a game as Roethlisberger had, he still had a qb rating of over 100.

      I see your Eagles had a big second half against the Redskins. Congratulations.
  • Points off Carson Palmer's mistakes: 9

    What is it about Pittsburgh sports teams that makes them play down to the level of weaker opponents? Crush New England and Philadelphia, barely escape Cleveland and Cincy. Go figure.

    • its called a divisional game. They play'm twice a year... no one is new to it... its tough, its worth 2 games (you gain the lead with a win, they go down a peg in the division with a loss). That's why the browns, bengals, and ravens all play the steelers hard.
      • Yeah, throw out conventional wisdom when it's a division game, I know. I'm just jaded from the Penguins* having their asses handed to them by Carolina and the Pirates sweeping the Cardinals only to drop 2 of 3 to the Brewers.

        *: For those of you who have forgotten, Pittsburgh has a professional hockey franchise.

    • disagree.

      Stat of the game
      Total yards offense for Cincy in the second half: -3

      I was playing a poker tournament in State College while the game was on and all the philly fans were commenting on how badly the Bengals were sacking Big Ben. I said, "Hey, they can sack him all day long. Sacks don't put points on the board ... and neither is the Bengal's offense."

      As for Big Ben, he didn't look great, but was 9 for 15 with 1 TD and no INT. That's not tooo shabby, even if he was sacked 6 times. At least he
  • It sure was not pretty but at the end of the day it was the same old story- Steelers win. I was not too crazy about the offensive plays called- I thought we should of ran more. The defense played okay- great in the second half. More injuries, ugh, the Steelers better start reloading- no team is that deep.

    Do you really think Baltimore has a chance of beating the Steelers? I don't. They already stole their one game from us- I don't think the Ravens have ever won both games against the Steelers in a seas
  • ...that Palmer's safety at the end of the game cost the off-shore bookies (to say nothing of Las Vegas) over $2 million, placing the exclamation point on the worst Sunday in the industry in many moons.

    However, I don't think the Steelers will get through the Patriots in January (unless someone like the Colts or Chargers knocks the Pats out beforehand). First, the Steelers beat a Patriots team sans Corey Dillon, who has quickly become the new anchor for the offense. Second, ask the Rams about how tough it

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