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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Today Marks an Important Day in my Life..... 12

Its a tough choice if you have an up to date computer and a gamecube...

Halflife 2 or Metroid Prime 2: Echos....

I have enough cash in bestbuy giftcards (my birthday a month ago) to buy one or the other, but not both...
On one hand, I am a HUUUUGE metroid fan. I cringed at the thought of putting metroid into the 3D environment, but Prime had enough plot and original metroid in it (I can hear the old metroid songs in their new music), that it left me VERY happy with it. Prime2: Echos didn't tamper with the gameplay, just added in more stories and better maps.

On the other hand, Halflife 2 is guaranteed to have a great story, and even more 'moddable' SDK. That means I get to play a great single player game, and within a month or two will ahve enough good mods to have a bunch of options on playing.....

So... I'm at an empasse. But I did make a decision today. I am getting Halflife 2. I'm still playing Madden 2k5[1] on my cube, and will be doing so until Feb (superbowl)... so I think I can hold on Prime2 until after the holidays...

So, who, besides MT, wants to play some online HL2 this weekend? I'll build up a list and we can all get together on friday night or saturday afternoon/evening. Anyone have a big enough machine to server up the game?

[1] franchise mode... just won the Superbowl with the Steeelers in my third season... now I'm contemplating trading for Vick just to have fun with QB scrambles. Only trouble, though, is I'm really hittin my cap. Funny thing in the game... when signing coaches, you can sign a good offensive coordinator that no one likes as a special teams coach. I'm averaging like 30 yards per kick return!
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Today Marks an Important Day in my Life.....

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  • At least for me it would be Metroid.
  • by JMZero ( 449047 )
    I Steamed up HL2 and it's looking pretty dang good - but it was pretty late last night so I only did the first bit of the single player.

    What's your Steam id? I'll look you up if I go online this weekend (I'm jmzero).
  • I know it's against the rules, but why don't you buy one game now and the other later on. I know, I know, it's a bit CRAZY to say stuff like that, but I've heard it's possible to buy games weeks, even months after their release.
  • Okay, so I Suck (note the capital S) at most computerized sports games. I don't know why, but I just don't seem to be able to get the players to do what I think they should, or something. I've been frustrated in the past by telling the players to do something and it not turning out like I think it should. The times I do play, I find myself either losing horribly or adopting really odd strategies like lining up to block a field goal when I think there's going to be a run. The former is obviously something I
    • Madden is setup a buncha ways. You can play solely as a coach... call plays, watch them... or if you just have problem with, say, running the ball, you can set it up that when a RB has the ball, the computer does its thing, but when the QB has the ball, you have control.

      The key to sports games (especially football games) is extreme patience. You are losing by 14 points, but you still need to make good defense calls. All out blitzing is what you want to do... cause pain to their players... but you need
      • Interesting to know about the varying control methods. Maybe I'll get an older version or something just to round out the collection for those times where I want something else to play.

        I have no doubt that part of why I'm so terrible at sports games is that I'm not that big of a sports person. Sure, watching people get brutally beaten about is fun for the first half an hour or so, but it's such an inert state of being that I don't do it but once in a great while. Playing sports is another story, but still,

  • I didn't know there was a hl2 dm, I thought cs:s was the only multiplayer source engine game there is right now.
    • kormoc is correct. hl2 is the single player element only. it does have multiplayer, but it's just counter-strike on the source engine.

      i have heard whispers of death match and co-op being developed. supposedly valve was even supplying special info to the co-op developers so it would be around shortly after the single player game release. don't know if/when we'll actually see those things.

      i'm up for some gaming. my nick on steam is the same as my nick on slashdot.
  • I'd go for Metroid...Prime was good, and Echoes looks to be better! Plus, you get to use those pimp GC controllers instead of the keyboard :)
  • I'm still waiting for Steam to register my copy of the game, so that I can start playing. Sucks big time right now. Will get back to ya when I'm primed for action...

  • Just got out of 2 hours of the single player, and I'm loving it. LOVING. Steam account: GauntletWizard
  • as I type this. steam account is the same name as here.

    If this doesn't live up to my expectations from the past two years, I will be very upset and throw a hissy fit. Then I'll complain a bit, then get over it and play EQ2.

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